Who does Mr. Washington work for?

Alternate title could be Get Out Yer Waders Nellie or Red Pill/Blue Pill (You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.)

Adult Content Warning: Note that this piece is aimed at conservatives. Young libs are ill equipped to read past the headline. More, they are already invested in a certain anarchic narrative so what I’m about to impart will sound like gibberish to their eyes anyway.

So who controls Washington? The answer would be big business. Oft referred to as the special interests. However, make no mistake the special interest that really really matters is big business.

Congress is controlled by big biz. The senate is controlled by big biz. All of the executive is controlled by big biz…save one important element. The judicial is probably the least controlled…but even it is controlled to some extent by big biz. Doesn’t take a college genius to make common sense connections you know.

Gubment BUREAUCRACY is controlled by big biz. In short, save for one character we’re ALL every one of us controlled by big biz. Some are controlled willingly. Some unwillingly. Regardless we’re all controlled by big biz…except for the one oddball.

You probably guessed where I’m heading. Trump is not controlled by big business. Trump is bigger than big business. He’s the wild card. As such this makes him EL DANGEROSO NUMERO UNO.

You remember your MATRIX dontcha? The system fights the thing that is not of the system. You’d agree that the libs are truly plugged into their hive mind thing (controlled by big biz). They fight to regain control. Etc. Etc.

Lot’s of ways this think piece could go from here. I have neither the time nor the inclination to write a book on the topic. So I’d appreciate a little help from the serious thinkers on here. Snarkers can go you know what themselves…as they often do anyway in their dank smelly basements of pain.

It’s a tough thing to admit that you’re part of the machine…a cog in the plans of steely-eyed big biz. And that you can fight it but you can’t break out of it. Even the mountain men have to come to town sometimes to buy matches.

I submit that Trump is the first and only politician in the history of the world who is not part of the machine. He WAS the machine for a long time…but when he first came down those golden stairs, beholden to no man for his wages…well you know the rest. Love him or hate him you’ll have to admit nobody pulls his strings. So of course being the nail that sticks up there are many and mighty hammers at work 24/7 pounding on him.

Conservatives happen to like the way Trump thinks. Livery looking libs not so much.

Robolibs…got a message for you. Trump is above the rotten system. Be happy that he is a good and decent man. An honorable America loving man. A forgiving man. Once upon a time in America the sort of a man even the libs craved instead of the biz puppets they actually got.

Thanks to writer, producer, futurist J. Michael Straczynski for telling me about this stuff 20 years or so ago. And reminding me again last night.

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Trump is a forgiving man?

What has he ever forgiven?

Silwy wabbit…himself for starters.:sunglasses:

Maybe Putin tomorrow.

Trump is controlled by the mountain of debt that he sits on.

Also… the idea of red pilling is super stupid.

Take that crap back to r/the_donald

Oh, oh…….this thread is an echo of Smyrna-vous all over again…drip, drip, drip…

I believe its called Crony Capitalism and you’re right the DC swamp is filthy with it!

Capitalism made America great but “Crony” Capitalism is a liberal bastardizaion version that has brought the country down and ICAM with you that Trump has been on both sides so he knows which side will MAGA!!

Crony Capiltalism is somehow “liberal”

That is a good one.

What are you babbling on about - how is crony capitalism somehow liberal? Seriously I would like to know how you came to that opinion.

Because everything bad is liberal and everything good is Republican.

Crony capitalism has been the only form of capitalism that has ever existed.

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Night riding cowardly lib pukes and other Macedonian 5th columniists. Tools of those would see this country in ashes: You’re living in one of the greatest few years of this nation, rife with promise, thanks to the only politician this world ever produced that came to us naked without strings. No strings on him even from his own party.

And you ain’t got the sense God built into a gnat to even realize it. Your narrow focus is DESTROY TRUMP.

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Your statement makes the mistake of assuming that Trump has anything but his own self interests at heart.

The only difference between now and the day before he was elected is that NOW he has the political ability to line his own pockets. Before that, he, just like everyone else who engages in the process, had to pay for that kind of access.

You speak crap. Back to your dank doom basement of pain wi’ ye. Shoo. Git.

This super troll schtick would be cool if it weren’t so grating.

Trump is all about Trump. Claiming anything different is just plain silly.

:joy: crony capitalism is liberal. That’s amazing.

Are you arguing with yourself?

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:rofl: go watch The Matrix again. And unplug that direct feed that the right wing media and Trump have inserted into the back of your head.

You’re just blind to the Donald’s majesty and altruistic motivations. Haven’t you read the good news in the King Donald Version of the Holy Trumpistan Chronicles?

For Donald so loved 'Murica that he gave his only begotten fortune that whosoever boweth before him shall not thinketh overmuch, but blissfully dwell in everlasting ignorance.

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