WHO declares Coronavirus a global emergency

Just got word of this. The WHO has just declared the Coronavirus a global emergency. Also, a human to human contagion has now been reported in Illinois.

Looks like this is getting pretty serious now.

Just more Lib hair on fire scare tactics …We dont need any Lib World organization telling US what’s an emergency…:roll_eyes:

Just keep your wuhan out of my corona. Thanks.


I haven’t seen WHO in a long time. I wondered where she’s been.
Glad to see she’s still active.

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Well it’s hanging at a 2% death rate, so that is good.

And that rate is likely to fall as more is known. Apparently it is only killing the elderly and those who are already sick. It isn’t killing the young (like flu is prone to do) and in generally healthy adults, some people are only getting what appears to be flu-like symptoms. That latter situation may very well be resulting in a significant undercount of cases which in turn results in an over calculation of the rate of fatalities.


Fortunately for everyone stateside we can rest easy we have a competent adminstration on top of the health emergency.

I’ve seen this movie before. A lot of panic that soon fizzles out.

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The Spanish Flu had a death rate of about 2% of the cases in the US. That resulted in at least 500,000 deaths out of a population of about 100 million.

The real question is how many people end up getting infected. It appears the people can be contagious even without obvious symptoms, as was the case for four people in Germany:

German car parts supplier Webasto earlier on Tuesday said an employee at its headquarters in Stockdorf, Bavaria, had become infected following the visit of an employee from China . . . Zapf said the Chinese woman was from Shanghai but her parents, who are from the Wuhan region, had visited her a few days earlier. He added that she had arrived in Germany on Jan. 19, appearing not to have any symptoms, but began to feel ill on her flight home on Jan. 23. She sought medical treatment after landing and tested positive for coronavirus.