"Who cares?" considered trolling?

I’d rather have posted this in the “trolling discussions” thread, but it’s locked

@GWH, you told me to “stop trolling” when I posted a reply asking “who cares?”. Today you make this post:

I can very easily find posts where others reply with a “who cares” type post and show them here, but I’d rather have a clarification from you. Am I being singled out or is this a board wide policy now that “who cares” is considered trolling?


@hindsight I do see “Who cares” as trolling no matter who says it. Not a left or right issue. To me this is a discussion board and that comment hinders discussion. Nothing forces a person to discuss an issue. So if one posts “Who cares”, why reply at all? To me it conveys a message to a fellow user that “You are wasting my time”

If one was to make a reply “Why should I care?” I think that conveys a different message. The post you quoted from GWH looks more in that style. It is a solicitation for information on why the issue is important,

Just my take. I dont believe you ever intended to troll anyone, but I can see why some members would be upset at the post.

How about “You are making that up” over and over again in response to opinions on an political opinion board? Is that trolling because it is extremely prevalent among certain posters and almost always squelches debate


Thanks, I saw that this was addressed in another thread through a mod note

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Oh. That might be me.

In my case, I say that because I can’t call the statement a lie. :man_shrugging:

What was the mod note?

I don’t want to turn this into a callout thread but no I was not referring to you. You might be a passionate debater but dont call every opinion you disagree with a fabrication or act as if the opinion was presented as a statement of fact.

And no I am not completely innocent in this regard and stand by my opinion that it is ruins debate when done especially when it is every other reply.

Not sure if linking to a public mod notice is a TOS violation or not so I’m playing it safe.

Case by case always applies. We can tell when someone is not interested in discussion, an in and out “Who cares!” and when someone is discussing why they don’t care. In the meantime, yes it is advised to pay attention to mod notes as it applies to each individual situation.

Closing before this does become a callout thread…oh wait, it already was. :joy: