Who believes that the age requirements for Congress and the President should be raised?

Currently the age requirements are 25 for the House, 30 for the Senate and 35 for the President. I assume the age requirements were put in many years ago and as far as I’m concerned do not reflect the change in times. For example how many 30 year old’s today are still living at home with their parents playing video games and still trying to “figure out” what they want in life compared to many years ago? Furthermore, I think we all could agree that with age comes wisdom. Does anyone here believe that you were more wise in your twenties than you are today. There’s absolutely something to said for life experience.

I’m probably wrong but I believe this might be something we all might agree irrespective of our political leanings?

Median age in the US is 38. There should be a cap on age of eligibility, not a higher floor.

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Exactly, Law Enforcement has mandatory retirement ages and so should politicians.


I agree.


I’m fine with the age requirements as is.

I doubt libertarians think there should be any age restriction. Why should the government be telling us we can’t vote for someone?

I think setting a maximum age makes more sense. Mandatory retirement at 80 sounds good to me.

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Me too…your last term must start before turning 67.

This is such a boomer take. Lets see, if you’re 30 something and still living at home, I wonder if it has anything to do with coming into the workplace right into the middle of a massive recession, flat wages, student debt, zero government assistance etc etc.

You always see talk about raising the age of voting from 18, meanwhile all the blue hairs who say that can’t get within 10 feet of a computer without getting half a dozen virii and giving away their life savings to a Nigerian email scam.


At 30, my daughter was a Surgical RN, raising 2 children while her husband was deployed. Most of her friends were living similar lives. Where did that stereotype come from?

67 isn’t going to be drawing social security in a couple of years.

I think that’s too old. Most of these people are already millionaires and aren’t gonna be relying on social security anyways.

Ok. I disagree. And so will you at 67. 74 puts them finishing their last Senate term at 80.

What was the rationale for putting them in when they did at the levels they did?

Don’t know, don’t care.

If requirement for congress are changed, it will be the democrats who would be changing them. I wouldn’t trust them to change a tire.

But in theory. I agree.

I guess it depends on where you live. From my experience in north Jersey I would say that there’s a growing number of people who never get married or have kids. Of those who do, most don’t until after 30. I know of few guys who are just getting married for the first time at 50.

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Libertarians are concerned about the size of government and its overreach into people’s lives. Age requirements don’t impact that.

And unnecessary laws that infringe on their ability to do what they want. Please explain how a libertarian would support a law telling him he can’t vote for a 40 year old for president, if that is what he wants to do.

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38 is the new 24.

Good point.