Who Are You Reading?

With the success of Sean’s book this week (plan to buy it at my local indie,) wondering what books by political or TV commentators people are buying, and which ones take a pass. I know that a lot of “my thoughts on the Russia probe, the media, etc” seem a bit repetitive, and I’m not sure one is all that different from another. And I lean toward books that have a unique spin, and some personality in the writing - I’m not giving you a pass because it’s non-fiction, or because you’re a celebrity. You, or your ghost, have to know how to write well. Anyway, our shelf includes:
All of Mark Levin’s books
All of David Horowitz’s books
All of Thomas Sowell’s books
Both of Gregg Jarrett’s books (I think there are only 2)
All of Eric Metaxes’ books (some were given to me as gifts)
Greg Gutfeld’s last book (plan on getting the new one)
Tucker Carlson’s “Ship of Fools” (this one was a great read)
One of Ben Shapiro’s books
A few of O’Reilly’s “Killing” books

Right now DH is reading “Blitz” (Horowitz) and “Left of Bang”.

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Dan Brown and later on, Dave Ramsey. For some reason, I seem to lIke male authors and female music artists. Except for Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth. And Cassandra Claire and a book by Danielle Steele.

I don’t read books by pundits.


Currently (finally) read the Chernow Hamilton book.

Most of my bookshelf is fiction. Or old textbooks.

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I have a copy of a Mark Levin book that I got as a gag gift a couple years ago.

And I like PJ O’Rourke, who is arguably a “pundit”.

But that’s about it.

Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray imho does a good job in describing the current guilt phase in the west.

Good for you for the Dave Ramsey. I have slight quibbles with his approach (eg, I think a 15 year mortgage for a first makes it difficult to realize the full benefit of early returns) but overall, his advice leads to lower anxiety around finances.

If you’re into learning about and interacting with people around financial literacy, I highly recommend Reddit’s personal finance community. The world’s easiest-to-understand financial flowchart is there, along with a lot of people who are genuinely helpful.

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I dont tend to read books by pundits. Years ago I bought Hannity’s Deliver us From Evil and it was a terrible read. But I know the fans of his radio and fox show will enjoy it so its all good.

I read a crap ton of history books and my kindle is full of horror, sci-fi and post apoc books.

Currently reading John Scalzi’s Collapsing Empire space opera. Fantastic read.

Horror wise huge fanboy of Brian Keene. I do tend to go for the more stomach churning reads by authors like JF Gonzalez and Edward Lee.

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I liked him when he played for the Sharks. :grin:

Currently reading Rick Wilson’s “Everything Trump Touches Dies”. Best read with a Lewis Black voice in your head.

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Love Scalzi. Such fun.

Just finished reading a history of the French Revolution. Rereading Asimov’s Foundation because of the Apple TV show coming up.

Old white guy sci fi is hilarious.

I’m reading Robert Letham, John Bower, Richard Baxter, John Stott, R.T. France, D.A. Carson and Robert’s Rules of Order :grinning:


That’s on my bookshelf too, but I don’t like to talk about it.

:rofl::rofl: Its terrible, isn’t it. Gonna take me 10 years.

This is what I learned, as the elected “Parlimentarian” of a body that followed Robert’s Rules.

Keep the full book in front of you, to scare people.

But buy a “Beginner’s Guide to Robert’s Rules”, and read that instead.

If things get complicated, use the full guide as a reference.

Nice. I have both. I’ve gone through the Beginner’s Guide. You telling me I don’t need to read the actual book? I’m down, lol.

I didn’t. And I like to think I did a good job as parliamentarian of my law school’s student government.

But you gotta have it as a reference, just in case. Student lawyers can be quite the pain in the ass.

If your approach cut it in law school, it will cut it in my context. I am eternally grateful.

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Give Jane Harper a try. IMHO, she's writing the most well-crafted fiction out there in the mystery/suspense vein. Books are The Dry, Force of Nature (in which the main character in The Dry plays a subordinate role) and The Lost Man, a stand-alone, with another coming out in '21.
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I figured out he had a doppelgänger out there when I went to YouTube.

This Douglas Murray wouldn’t last a minute on the ice.