Who All Is Listening In On the Presidents Phone

This would be hilarious had said President not literally won off claiming Hillary’s emails were unsecured. Now it’s just sad and pathetic.

If this were Obama, Fox News would still be screaming about it four years from now.

It’s OK because only the best Chinese and Russians are listening.

Just another example of how low the bar has been set for the toddler in the Oval Office. He can do pretty much anything, because by the time a story has gained traction we are already on the third new thing he has said or done.

Just last week this man cheered a Congressman for assaulting a reporter. Let that sink in. The head of the “party of law and order” laughed about a member of his party throwing another human being to the ground for daring to ask a question. A few years ago, for any other politician, and this is a weeks long story that damages a career. For him it’s just another afternoon.


Let me just get it out of the way.

Mr. Trump’s use of his iPhones was detailed by several current and former officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity so they could discuss classified intelligence and sensitive security arrangements.


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I had hoped he was at least smart enough to use some sort of security when he was tweeting. I was wrong. He’s a dumber SOB than I thought. I can’t wait to see the usual cast come in here and make stupid excuses.

This is a man who famously hates computers, and doesn’t know how to use them.

His phone is his only connection to the internet.

As a side note, does anyone have sympathy for the Chinese and Russian people that have to listen to this goofball attempt to put sentences together? They probably don’t pay them enough, I’m guessing.


Sensitive information protection guidelines and policies for voice communication are different than for email. Add classified information to either and they both need to be encrypted to certain standards.

“What did you learn from the call?”

“He thinks Big Macs are tremendous sir. Absolutely the best and biggest- correction, “bigly best.” Better than KFC except for that one time, and then he started talking about his Electoral win. Again. For the third time this call.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes. Please kill me.”

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“…for daring to ask a question”

This is deception. The reporter asked a question, got an answer that he did not like and then proceeded to disrupt the speaker.

He so dum …he only beat da hildabag.

That says more about the people who voted for him than he himself, for what its worth.

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And so because he disrupted the speaker, the answer was obviously physical violence.

Gotta remember that at the day job from now on.

Yeah… WE beat her. WE beat the Clinton machine… us deplorables, uneducated, dum, with no self awareness. WE did.

That would be the OTHER way to look at it I suppose.

You do you homie.

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It was just horseplay… not violence. You people are such drama queens.

He should really upgrade to a secure phone.

U.S. spy agencies have determined that Russia and China are eavesdropping on President Trump’s personal phone calls in order to gain information that they can use to influence American policy, according to a New York Times report.

Although Trump’s aides have repeatedly warned him that his three personal iPhones are not secure, the president refuses to give them up, the Times reported. He continues to use them to chat with friends and confidantes.

That came from the New York Times. Who knows if it is true?
Who are the aides who told them that? We don’t know. Do they exist? We don’t know.

That’s the spirit!

Lets pretend it’s true, what say you?

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It’s fine though -

“They said they had further confidence he was not spilling secrets because he rarely digs into the details of the intelligence he is shown and is not well versed in the operational specifics of military or covert activities”

He’s too ignorant to be particularly dangerous on that front I guess.

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