White Castle to move forward with Automated Grill

Go technology! Better paying jobs - engineers & technicians - and no need for massive levels of immigration across the border.


Ah yes once again we have the person who works in a business whose entire existence relies on being propped up by anti-competitive government laws telling people they should make themselves more marketable.

I love it.

And I’m sure you weren’t one of those ones bitching about inflation and calling laborers lazy paid government stooges, when the labor shortage has allowed these “unskilled laborers” to command much higher wages and benefits, but were telling them bravo for taking advantage of favorable market conditions

…and you may not…if…you weren’t so ignorant of the truth?

They can learn to program. Like coal miners.

Correct. I look at the source of the problem and that’s the government. The laborers were simply taking advantage of the best case scenario at the time.

You need to come up with some numbers. Inflation has risen by over 7% in the past year. How much of that increase is due to increased profit margins of companies? Likely a minute amount.
And a significant part of increased profit margins is due to the rise of tech companies like Facebook, with a profit margin of a whopping 43%. Yes, I will agree it’s time to look at the monopolies these companies have going for them.

Where are those displaced going to get the training

State voc rehab?

If they don’t have the technical aptitude?

Having worked for companies that have such a spirit, I find the old adage to be true.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

You’re not going to say you should take a massive pay cut when the next wave of automation annihilates middle management, admin and IT jobs. So enjoy hardy har harring now.

What did it used to be like,

Where, pray tell?

On the job training?

To be quite frank, I don’t see any intention except yours in this thread to offer displaced workers that training.

The same place the coal miners are supposed to.

When did cooking burgers at White Castle become a career?

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Which is…?


State voc rehab programs?

Student loans?

They get this training where?

What I’ve witnessed during this pandemic is our national debt grow at an out of control rate, while observing people spend money like it’s growing on trees? Many among us have been recipients of this money and a lot of it has been spent on toys; boats, motorcycles, motorhomes, campers and other non-essential items. IMO…in our very near future will be a day of financial reckoning and if it happens, these toys will go back to the institutions financing them and can then be purchased for pennies on the dollar.

In NJ many of jobs are going unfilled so here it’s not about being displaced. Regarding training, how do businesses do it now? When my refrigerator broke I called a technician to come over and he fixed my refrigerator. He had to learn that from somewhere, and it sure as heck wasn’t in any 4 year college.

With how low the bar has gone, if I’m ever unfortunate enough to eat fast food I hope every place has robot cooks.


No idea, Green Progs got it all figured out though.


Knowing what I know from having worked in fast food during my high school / early college days, I think I’d rather have food that was put together by robots. I saw some nasty stuff going on in the grill area back in those days. It was literally years before I could even bring myself to order anything from a fast food restaurant after that.


Ah, this brings back some memories.

I find cleanliness and quality of product varies on location.

Having worked in a sub shop in a rural county in Florida, that manager was strict.

Strict about requiring good hygiene, no long hair unless it’s neatly pulled up, or dangle earrings, trimmed fingernails & hand wash & glove changing between customers.

Let’s just say fast food restaurants in the larger county didn’t seem to have such high standards & I sometimes felt :nauseated_face: after eating there.

I still don’t share the faith in automated systems, though, have had to much trouble with them at varying sites. I hope displaced workers find some other options.

One step closer to a world of dependent losers perpetually connected to their betaverse. :wink: