Whistleblower Complaint Released

You are absolutely correct… We should not accept gossip… We should have every one of the people in the report, testify, live and under oath in front of the house judiciary committee…

They keep forgetting that- and did we not see the transcript yesterday?

But now I am wondering if the transcript we saw matches the one on the secret server.

Me! Me! Me!

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Corroborating witnesses…all of whom can be subpoenead to testify.

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Anonymous gossipers. Lovely. :roll_eyes:

You have the transcript. You need nothing else.

Even the abridged transcript that was released reveals that Trump was soliciting help for his own personal gain.

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I bet that isn’t the full transcript.

That’s your opinion. Nothing more.

No transcript has been released. A memo with recollections of the call has been.


The DOJ is currently investigating the sources of claims of interference in our election. Much of what Trump requested (usually downplayed by the media) dealt with the information related to the DNC server. A totally appropriate reason for Barr to be involved.

Agreed… We need the transcript that was moved to the classified server and a lot of live testimony under oath


No it hasn’t.

No it is not gossip. It has been deemed credible by the IG

Like Nixon Erasing Tapes???

The transcript doesn’t do what you want it to so question it. Of course! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Considering they hid the actual transcript on a special server and only released a whitewashed memo… yeah.

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:roll_eyes: What else are you going to call it when the President asks a foreign leader to investigate one of his primary political rivals?

Keep trying…the sky is blue no matter how much you protest that it is orange.


The whistle blower didn’t hear the conversation. Hence pure gossip.

That isn’t how this works.