Whistle blower on CNN bias

Project Veritas says it has an CNN insider who has recorded management conversations at CNN showing a major political agenda and bias. It’s not like we didn’t know CNN is just a wing of the dems, so it should be interesting to have our beliefs documented.

“This week, a CNN insider will blow the whistle and through Project Veritas will release dozens of recordings made of officials at the highest levels of CNN, revealing a political agenda, bias and misconduct hidden from public view.”


I stopped reading after that. Please please do better.


You mean even if they have recordings of people you recognize you won’t believe the words?..

Do better like what.
All those sick people that pushed the Russian collusion hoax?

Who doesn’t think CNN is biased and has a political agenda?

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IF And that is a gigantic IF they have UNEDITED recordings of CNN executives showing clear bias, then of course I would believe it.

This is the type of evidence libs have wanted from cons starting on the day that Trump starting screaming “fake news” and “media bias against Repubs”

It would be best if you stuck to one thread to peddle conspiracy theories. You jump from thread to thread saying the same things, even if the topic is unrelated.

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If we’re really worried about bias shouldn’t you have mentioned that Veritas received $10,000 from Trump?

This will be entertaining for sure, I wounder if we’ll see some devil worshiping going on behind closed doors at CNN.

Will wait for actual tapes.

The facts haven’t change on that sick Russian collusion hoax !

When it comes to Veritas that is the smart move.

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They just let me. I can grab their ……


Lol. Major whistleblowing.

Bigger than the CIA whistleblowers…


Rush mentioned this on his radio show today.


Who cares? Political bias is what cable news does. It’s their brand and some people love it.

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Twice convicted felon forced to apologize in court for deceptively editing video says what?


The irony. :rofl::rofl:



Not surprised it ended up here.


People still believe in Project Verona’s after the multiple times they have failed? Lol. Being scammed is cool…

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