Where Is Trump's Team?

Dont we usually see kellyanne and Huckabee sanders defending the president on revelations like we had this week?

a pardon Turkey had more time at the press podium then Sanders did last month

They’re probably working on their resumes - or hiring lawyers…

Book deals.

Fat Donald doesn’t have a “team”.

He has lying minions, brainwashed acolytes, and perverted sycophants.

Oh, and the newly indicted or newly convicted.

But no team.


If you can’t say something nice. Don’t say nothing at all

Be Best!!!

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Like Sean Spicer.

I think he sold one or two of his BS bonanzas on his nationwide book tour?

Last I checked it was ranked down at 1,047 on Amazon book sales.

Probably updating their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. I wish I was even being funny or sarcastic.


Two scoops and Red Christmas trees!!!


Me > :sunglasses:

Careful, some thinking man might come around to chastise your use of “emotes” to communicate here.

They gave up.

Meh those 2 have jobs lined up at fox courtesy of bill shine

Actually, 1047 is not as bad as it sounds. An acquaintance of mine has a history book rated somewhere over 200,000