Where is the user tutorial of which they speak?

I feel like a Boy Scout trying to earn all the merit badges!

Is it this? https://community.hannity.com/faq

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Is it this? https://community.hannity.com/faq[/quote]

No- there’s a separate badge for that!


Ohhhh I see. Yes, the badges lol I see there’s a page for it at the top right when you click on the three horizontal bars. Is it weird that I want to complete them all? Perfectionist in me, idk.

Edit: Argh it looks like only admin and mod have completed that. I don’t know, but I want to make my collection complete, so I’m following this thread…

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Send a PM to @discobot with the following msg:

@discobot start tutorial


@discobot start advanced tutorial

I just completed the tutorial and I enjoyed it. Surprised to see only 3 other posters have completed this.

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Don’t forget to “start advanced tutorial” after you get the certified badge.


Boom licensed…

Thanks Sixy - After all these years it actually taught me something :flushed:

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Notice how it pretty much answered every “How-to” question ever posted in this category? First useful forum bot ever. lol