Where is the Transcript

The Ohr transcript.

Ya how does the line go? If there were something there it would have leaked by now?

or, there is too much there and it is being protected. maybe Booker will publish it.

If it were damning for the DOJ and would work to run cover or interference for Trump we would already have it. But alas, we don’t. Which tells us all we really need to know. Additionally, Democrats have asked for it to be released. And have been denied by the GOP majority. I wonder why? :thinking:


Because the more confusion that they throw around a FISA warrant on Carter Page the better it works out for them.

What won’t work out for them is that the part of the Steele Dossier that talks about Page is true and that Carter Page is a really squirrelly dude.

Absolutely. All of this is about muddying the waters and trying to conflate and confuse. The dumber their audience remains, the easier they can be manipulated through fear tactics for their votes. We see it as an incredibly affective tool, as evidenced by many Trump supporters on this very site.

Agreed again. Hence the reason they keep going back to the “salacious and unverified” well time and time again. Because the reality is that the FISA applications were all above board and the part of the Steele HUMINT was specific to Page and was confirmed by Page himself as being accurate.

I’d love to see it.

Somebody should get the Republicans to release it.

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it is interesting because the dems did not attend the interview, but they want it released. good theory but just speculation. you could say you do not know.

Nunes likes to release stuff if memory serves right

Yes… their Spartacus moment. Like Kooky Cory…

What does that have to do with what I posted? The Democrats have requested the transcript be released. The GOP majority has denied it be released. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. No speculation necessary.

Yeah but…you are “Deep State”…

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He likes to release portions of stuff.

Transcripts? Not so much. They don’t support the narrative he makes up.

Don’t forget how fast he ran to the white house to leak em some stuff

Well yeah. I guess there is that. What’s a guy to do? :man_shrugging:

True story. They had to get housekeeping in there with a mop to follow his path from the front gate all the way in he was leaking so much.


link? or just a cornhusk.

what supports the collusion narrative?

what wou;ld rebut it?

Which dimocrats? When?

Are you asking why republicans won’t release the transcript? Probably because it makes Ohr out to be a professional and the GOP to be whiny little ■■■■■■■?