Where is my vaccine Biden

I thought on day one you were going to make sure everyone that wants a shot will get one. Well there seems to be a major vaccine shortage ATM with all shots going to second doses and no new patients receiving their first.

Why are you help pharmaceuticals to product this vaccine faster? Our lives depend on it…thousand of Americans are dying each day.

You said you’re going to fix things.

Get it done Biden…

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Almost 100 thousand people died Biden under your watch. Millions and millions more are waiting for their vaccine that you promised.

So what the ■■■■ are you doing about it?

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I got my first shot

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While tens of million are waiting.

Must be a goverment employee.

Right? He has changed NOTHING Just taking a free ride on the operation warp speed train. The man is a clueless buffoon.


Thank’s President Trump!


Precisely…that ■■■■■■ had done nothing…nothing except signed executive orders ■■■■■■■ over Americans.

Nice job libs for electing this buffoon.


Why waste time on domestic issues where there’s money to be made overseas?



Trump is no longer POTUS.

President Biden gets the kudos and the brickbats now.


Biden has changed the dynamic.

Instead of a sense of urgency the vaccine is now a commodity of political access and favor.

The focus that we had under Trump is already gone. We are forced to wait on Biden appointees to act when they are good and ready.


So what has Biden done to speed up this vaccination process and getting people vaccinate?

Remember he campaign on being Covid president. He was elected because he claimed to be better prepared then Trump.

Where is my ■■■■■■■ vaccine?

He’s gonna put money in peoples pockets. That’s the stimulus bill that will be passed.

That’s not an EO.


Got my first shot last Friday.

Stupid Libz couldn’t even screw that up.

Also my electricity ran like $30 last week!

Damn it Biden and Newsom!!!

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That isn’t what is needed.

We don’t want Robin Hood or a Santa Claus.

We need vaccine and restrictions ended…Focus.

The majority of congress, the POTUS and the American people disagree with you.


It seems this vaccine is going to people with “friends”…friends in goverment/schools etc first.

I know people in good health…younger then I am getting it because they have connections.

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That’s because they’re probably liberals

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I’m 66 with diabetes, cardiac and respiratory issues. Hope you get jabbed soon.


Funny that you mention that…