Where does the constitution say this . . .

Okay so here is what CNN is saying about any Trial of PRESIDENT Trump in the senate:

Chief Justice John Roberts will not be presiding like he did for Trump’s first impeachment trial, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Instead, Sen. Patrick Leahy, the President pro tempore of the Senate, is expected to preside, the sources said. The Constitution says the chief justice presides when the person facing trial is the current president of the United States, but senators preside in other cases, one source said.

When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present.

For the love of GOD can someone point out where the word “current” appears in the section on presidential impeachment. If they are trying him as President, then the Cheif Justice SHALL preside.

If they are trying him in any other office other than PRESIDENT it needs to go back to the house. I’m not sure how they can differentiate PRESIDENT and FORMER PRESIDENT.

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I think “THE President” is key here…

THE President is no longer Trump. It is Biden.

So then for a trial don’t they need to pass a new article of impeachment?

Remember . . . he is being tried for the article of impeachment and he WAS president when indicted and he IS being tried on the Article of impeachment of THE PRESIDENT.

So if they are not trying himas THE PRESIDENT as the article of impeachment says he is, then they need to do a new impeachment article in the house.

You bring up a good point. I can see it both ways.

The indictment is issued on THE PRESIDENT. The trial will be under those circumstances.

Whatever was in place at the time of his indictment.

The president is subject to impeachment from his first day in office to the very last.

This is about the trial and who presides. Senate dems are saying he is no longer president so the portion of the constitution over who presides over the trial isn’t applicable since he is no longer president.

They are wrong. At the time of the indictment, Trump was president. That’s all that matters.

It doesn’t matter. Let the Libs have their little show AGAIN. Remove Trump from office, oh wait…

See if Dems can get 2/3 to convict. Good luck. There is no way Nancy and Chucky can keep their worst nightmare from happening. Trump will run in 2024, and 74 million people will remember what Nancy and Chucky did.

Better get their cheating game down now because it’s only 2 years till midterms. Those are usually years when the minority party picks up seats. Dems lost house seats in 2020 and have only a razor thin majority in the house and only because of Comrade Kamala do they have control of the Senate, better hope the Senators up for election in 22 don’t defect to more Centrist positions or Biden and Kamala’s Communist agenda will stall if not die… I hope the sham trial drags out for months.

Hurry, hurry, hurry… Tick Tock.

And 81,000,000 will remember what Trump did and incited.

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I’m amazed that there are still people who want more Trump :rofl:

Having him in the minds of Dem’s and Never Trumpers the next 4 years would be pricless (also have the news media focusing on him). However I think he will ride off into the sunset politically.

Plot twist, they vote to remove THE President and install Kamala. :wink:

He doesn’t have that in him…He needs the attention and the comeback. He can’t go out a loser.

trumpers keep needing math lesson. 81 > 74. There is no alternative MATH here.

Those numbers aren’t set in stone and scheduled to repeat automatically in the next election. Also, popular vote is meaningless.

Crime must be punish. We shouldn’t look away just because he’s out of office. Trump did claim executive privilege during his presidency. so he can’t be convicted as president and now he can’t be convicted after? Dems need to go after him using every legal maneuver.

If trump wants to run again in 2024, go for it. the 81 million people will still vote against him.

Ok. 306 > 232. :smiley:

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Plus the numbers on the Biden side aren’t even real numbers in many states.

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Representing about 80 thousand votes total.