Where are the Republican/libertarian injunctions to stall Unconstitutional laws by States

I’m curious as to how Democrats manage to take out injunctions against POTUS’ executive orders arguing them to be unconstitutional or illegal, but there is no such opposition to Democrat States and cities imposing laws that infringe on constitutional rights.

Any comments on that?

Can you give me an example of a state law that is imposing on constitutional rights and I might be able to answer for you.

For the most part – plastic bans (bags and straws), tax on sugary dinks, not enforcing federal immigration law, not acciepting ICE administrative detainer letters (courts have ruled they have no legal weight) are non constitutional issues.

Like when Trump made the EO prohibiting people immigrating from the 7 countries President Obama listed as problematic. Libs sued and the SCOTUS overturned it.

Because Republicans/libertarians are inconsistent.

No, we just don’t tend to fare as well as the folks on the left when judge shopping.

The biggest issue is having a client with standing and the several million dollars needed to fight such a case all the way to the top.

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