When will mass and school shootings start up again?

Just thought I’d contribute the tin foil hat area. If you didn’t notice, mass shootings (not counting the dems cities) basically stopped during the Trump admin except at the start.

But now that a CCP sock puppet has been installed who will be ready and willing to remove your rights. How long before they start up again?

Antifa false flag, perhaps. Not removing violent students like in Florida?

I mean they were able to kill Epstein in a max security fed prison. Cameras go off, guards fall asleep, major political witness dead. Nothing to see here, lol!

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8 of the 26 deadliest mass shootings in our history have occurred in the last 4 years.

Sutherland Springs Church; 2017

Las Vegas shooting; 2017

Santa Fe High School; 2018

Pittsburgh Synagogue; 2018

Thousand Oaks Bar; 2018

Stoneman Douglas High School; 2018

Virginal Beach shooting; 2019

El Paso Walmart; 2019


They??? That happened under a Democrat led DOJ?

But, will the next mass shooter be wearing a mask?

Well that’s going to hurt

El Paso Walmart shooting is one of the most clear examples of right-wing terrorism fueled by anti-immigrant rhetoric

8 of 26, what an odd number to pick. Where did you get this information? And gosh so many from 2018.

It’s like someone has already thought of the problem ahead of me…

Not really. It’s all the mass shootings since 1949 with more than 10 fatalities

Why do you think it was the DOJ that did it? Looks like a govt operation to me too, but not sure which one…

Oh, where did you get it?

What other country had access to him?


And then COVID hit and no one was in schools. The answer…close the schools and teach on line. Right??? :wink: :grin:

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Actually 8 is an even number… :grin:

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Who knows? Perhaps it was not a country. BUt you jumped to the DOJ not me. I wonder why?

I’m not the one who believes a crazy conspiracy. But if the ©crazies are to be believed then the DOJ would have to be in on it

Look at that spike during OBama election year… Which is where that graph ends 2012. So, you don’t want to show the original source of the 8 out of 26. lol!

8 mass shootings in 8 years of Obama
8 mass shootings in 4 years of Trump

I gave you my source

I have no idea who killed Epstein it just looks so fishy and has to many coincidences. I know the left’s media has been told not to think or talk about it and they obey as usual.

I don’t see why it would have to be the DOJ. Could have been British intel. Or who knows?

who told the left’s media not to think or talk about it?