When It Is All Better

A full-time worker whose taxable income is at the median—with half the population making more and half making less—now pulls in about $50,000 a year. Yet had the fruits of the nation’s economic output been shared over the past 45 years as broadly as they were from the end of World War II until the early 1970s, that worker would instead be making $92,000 to $102,000. (The exact figures vary slightly depending on how inflation is calculated.)

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I blame the stock market for most of this. The neverending pressure for increasing profits has robbed the middle class.

Yeah, hummm’, if one see’s “Utopia” as dependent upon outer space… I do, I think…
The rings of Saturn I understand are gases, and I’ve thought about vessels that can utilize these gases for energy; at least short term, endless, paradoxidal word play, but…
Our next step is out there.
But for a closed system position, Earth is, now.
We have yet to really explore the other side of the closest body to us!
I like the idea that educated peoples reproduce less, as the childrens survival rate is better.
Seems Natures working for, with, and along side us as we become more aware; intelligent
As I have stated the dark side of the moon is still mostly mysterious to mankind.
Can you define near space, and the resources there you speak of; please?
Serious questions.

Certainly one of the main reasons.

CEO’s and upper management make the majority of their compensation based on the stock price.

Greed, is not good.

Mergers and acquisitions are also an issue. The illusion of competition, with all these different company names…when in reality, many are owned by a parent corp. And many are direct “competitors”.

Excellent show. Cant wait 'til the next season.

I am currently re-watching Enterprise… they are currently, in the “expanse”.

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It gets really good…

Edited to add, I see you are re-watching it…good idea…I did end up watching Season 1 and 2 again.,…as there was a long gap between me catching up.

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None of this matters.

A spoiler safe comment that I hope you understand:

Rewatching has explained a lot about things the guy that left-but then came back-says. He also happens to be my fave (Amos is next).

But yeah, this is a pretty dense show. A re-watch has been helpful

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I’m gonna have extend the benefit of the doubt to you both on all future debates going forward.

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~tips hat~

Thank you sir. Consider that benefit returned.:grinning:

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Back at ya!

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You are a Marxist. Most of the left is.

Look at figure one.

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You left out how revolutionary intellectuals often also end up in prison work camps or executed. Often they are the first to go.



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Progressives are communists, in the closet. Like the Marxists always do, hide who they really are till they consolidate power, after that, the imprisonments & executions begin.

No it’s just another leftist division tactic.

They aren’t dumb, you are projedumb.cting, & as most leftist’s, think leftist thinking is smart, & anyone right of that

Do you have a 401k?

What does that mean?