"When do we get to use the guns?"

I just wanted to take the temperature of the ole’ hannity room.

The other day, at one of Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA rallies, someone had a pretty serious question. You can find footage/transcripts of the entire event, but here’s a well-groomed account from the Post:

To his (partial, graded-on-the-curve) credit, Kirk denounced it as a tactic because it only plays into the nefarious plans of the malevolent left. But the guy wasn’t joking; he was explicitly being literal (as in “I mean literally”).

When do we get to “kill these people”?

What say you?

I am fine if you want to reassure everyone and dismiss this as nut-picking. (I disagree; I know people who are waiting for the go-ahead with tight pants, bad beards, and terrible weapons training ). As I am probably one of “these people,” I am curious what you think—unless it’s some lazy variation on “But the Democrats . . .”


I find it funny that Kirk took the Alex Jones tactic of riling up people to violence and then when they start talking about doing violence he says don’t do violence because that is what the left wants.

The difference is that Jones sells Brainforce pills and tactical wipes.

What is Kirk selling?

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I like the question. He asked the wrong person though.

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Okay, so let’s pretend that he asked you. What do you say?

Kirks denouncement was gross. “No, don’t kill the left, that’s what they want you to do”

Just continually feeding their delusions.

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He could have even clarified: Who are “these people”?

Like the Founders, when the consensus is built that the oppression has become intolerable.


If you stop and think about it…

But that’s a fuzzy, vague abstraction—three of them, to be more accurate (consensus, oppression, intolerable). As a practical matter, it’s a worthless answer. Lots of people—like this fine young man—already think we’ve reached this point. Who’s the arbiter? Me? You? This guy? Trump?


It’s coming if things don’t chill. At least throughout history this is commonly what happens next when things get to this to level of hate for the other.

Just saw a business insider poll that 41% of Biden voters and 66% of Trump voters want to break off and start a new country. That’s half of the country wants a divorce. If things don’t chill there is a high likelihood of a bad event happening by a nutter or group of them who are highly proficient at committing violence.

And you don’t even have to be that skilled to be “proficient at committing violence.” The “start a new country” thing is so ■■■■■■■ stupid, regardless of who says it.

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Breaking up the Union is one of te ■■■■■■■ dumbest things to suggest.

Yes, the states have a lot of power. It is sad we live in a fake federal republic, but the chance of violent revolution is so tiny it’s laughable. Perhaps if the economy really went bad and regular people woke up to the tyranny. Even then, we’d probably just run along in poverty like all the other socialists states. See Venezuela.

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Wow… that hit all of the classic beats there.

Good job.


Can’t wait until California imposes tariffs on Nebraska and Iowa to get their crops to LA’s port. That will be super.

That’s what Bill Maher’s final “new rule” was last episode , I believe - he also said that a Bosnian cab driver told him how this resembled the pre-war days over there.

We’ve pretty much been in a Cold Civil War for a while now, I guess it’s not completely unimaginable that we’d find ourselves in a Hot one day.

You know what will show China?

Breaking up the Union!!!

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Not everything, I didn’t go into the FBI leaking stories to the press, so they could show them to FISA and then Spy on Americans. Or when the CIA does it we invade countries like Libya. Then the left chants support as told too by the TV.


But over what? That is what the crazy thing is.

What would it all be about?

I mean guys… if you just chill out a little you have have Dr Suess back.