When did this recent with gun rights start and why?

The fanaticism wasn’t there like it is now when I was growing up. Frankly can’t remember it really ever being an issue. What bought it on? Was it using “they’re coming for your guns” as a boogeyman as something to campaign on and it took off from there? Was it the CEC looking for an outrage to pander to their audience? What got the ball rolling and when?

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? I basically stopped there.

No farther discussion is needed.


No clue, but it is funny. Just another consumer identity. Gun owner, jeep guy, marvel fan.

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Good for you Spider…

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The so-called-conservatives want to make everything a culture war issue.

December 15, 1791.

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Conservatives aren’t the ones attacking culture.


I take your meaning, but gun control isn’t a culture war issue

I disagree.

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Conservatives have 3 main legislative goals. Cut taxes. Cut regulations. Make it more difficult to vote,

Everything else is culture war.

A majority of americans want stricter gun regulations.

What does that say about our ‘culture’?

City vs Country

Ruling vs Rural

Independent vs Dependent

Why don’t you talk about prog goals?

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That it doesn’t understand rights, guns or the Constitution. That is doesn’t understand due process, prior restraint or the root cause.


Progs have this weird notion that enough government control will result in some kind of utopian happy place. And that they can find the right amount and stop. And that everybody more or less agrees on what constitutes happy place.


We talk progressive idea all the time. Universal HC, Free higher education/vocational training, UBI, Energy independence. Raising taxes to actually pay for those tings.

That affects both city and country.

Ruling vs Rural and Dependent vs independent, are culture wars…that your ideology perpetuates.

Well, there is the problem right there…progressives and liberals know there is no utopia.

We just know we can do better.