What's your favortite patriotic show?

This could include movies as well.

The one that I am currently watching is “Medal of Honor” on Netflix. Some great stories of heroism in defense of freedom. Amazing stuff. And it’s great for liberals as well because they do a great job of inclusion. Minority contributions are well represented. U.S. internment camps are shown as well. As they should be. I challenge anyone to “take a knee” after watching one of these episodes.

I enjoyed Black Sheep Squadron…

Good one. Loved those Corsairs!

The Americans

I kid. I kid.

It was just to good to not do it.

I am sorry… but not too sorry.

You’re forgiven.


I really tried not to… but had no self control.

The Bachelor. Fake women, confused guy, I mean what can be more patriotic? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

For my first one, I’m going to have to be ironical intentionally, but it’s still an
ok movie.

The Patriot.

The Band of Brothers mini series and The Ken Burns documentary, The Civil War.

West Wing. And I’ll go along with The Civil War. Both superb shows.

sorry, my bad. I shouldn’t have brought up the founding four fathers.

Old White Men, aren’t politically correct. lol.

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I thought of the Americans too. I’d make an argument supporting my position, but it would give away the ending, and I don’t want to do that.

It’s one of my top ten favorite shows of all time.

The Lawrence Welk Show.

Antiques Roadshow.

Meet Me In Saint Louis.

Gone With the Wind.