What's The Point Of Hunter Testifying?

Like I said in the other witness thread…

Thats like a cop busting into a house illegally to get evidence for his case against a defendant. Hey look I got the evidence, he’s guilty…so it doesn’t matter how I got it. That wouldn’t fly.
There are proper ways to do an investigation, and get evidence. Bribery, quid pro qou etc…are not the proper way. And Trump didnt even needthe actual investigation, just the announcement of one. It was done for purely political gain.

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Right. Why do they need Hunter to testify in order to provide evidence of corruption? Surely the WH and DOJ can testify about it then?

it was done because he is supposed to push such investigations when questionable activities take place, like “hairy legs” daddy’s admitted quid pro quo

plus there is a mutual legal assistance treaty with ukraine which encourages the investigation of corruption

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They don’t need him to help their case to defend President Trump, they need him there to damage Biden politically. Even their logical conclusion that by proving Hunter and Biden to be corrupt justifies President Trump’s actions doesn’t negate the illegality of withholding aid to get that investigation started. If they had proper evidence of corruption, it would have went through the proper channels. They didn’t, and now here we are…

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But Trump denied he pushed Ukraine to investigate Biden

no he didnt. he acknowledged he didnt do it because he was frightened of senile ol joe joe


The Biden quid pro quo was a U.S policy matter, and EuropeAn matter. Trumps deal was for personnel gain…but you know thaT.

thanks for your pure opinion

Did Trump push Ukraine to investigate hunter and joe biden?

i know. it’s complicated


he did ask though

The President of the United States is afraid of a senile old man because Democrats are immune from investigations and President Trump isn’t

Make sense now?

Did other countries want that Prosecutor gone? Or was it just Biden?

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democrat insanity never makes sense to the thinking man

unless you consider their corrupt motives.

did other countries threaten to with-hold a billion in aid unless he was fired?

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So this is where it’s going. I didn’t pressure Ukraine, i just “asked”, and even if I did, it was okay because here’s the evidence. :rofl:

So Biden/democrats be beyond the reach of our laws?


What does that have to do with whether or not Trump withheld aid for an investigation?

now you are starting to get it

keep going…