What's The Point Of Hunter Testifying?

Ignoring whistleblower protections, at least the whistleblower in some respects is personally involved, even if very indirectly.


  1. Trump denies that Biden had anything to do with the hold up of Ukraine aid

  2. Biden played no role in WH negotiations with Ukraine

If you want to investigate Hunter Biden separately, be my guest. But what does that have to do with what Trump did or did not do? If Trump denies that H Biden had anything to do with the Ukraine aid, how does putting him on the witness stand benefit Trump and the GOP at all in this impeachment trial?

Distraction? Try to embarrass the Bidens?


To give Trump what he wanted from the Ukraine and didn’t get.


The CEC is telling Republicans that it is crucial to get Hunter to testify.

Because Trump is desperate to prove he was right and that Hunter Biden is a criminal.

to show his expertise in energy and natural gas production and to dispel any link, political or otherwise, to his father…


It’s a whataboutism that Trump* uses all the time, and which his supporters poorly try to emulate, in order to muddy the waters. “But look at how bad they are” might work for people who already unconditionally support this administration, but the rest of us not in that bubble aren’t impressed.

What “whistleblower” protections?


Well, he is that.

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So what was he convicted of?

Don’t derail.

Don’t tell me what to do. You think identity is one of them, don’t you.

“Look over HERE!”

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Trump is being accused of trying to dig up dirt on Biden and wanting Burisma investigated for personal political gain.
If there is a legitimate reason to believe that there was corruption involved and that Hunter was involved, then that would help legitimize the investigation. The basis for investigating the Trump campaign by the FBI was reasonable accusations. If reasonable accusations were good enough there they might be good enough to legitimize an investigation involving Burisma.
Personally, I think that could backfire unless Trump’s attorneys know not only what they are going to ask but what the answers will be.

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What investigation? Trump denied Biden was a reason for withholding aid.


Then why not open a separate inquiry? Why won’t the DOJ open one up?


President Trump denied it was THE reason aid was withheld.

I believe he is lying.

He did not deny that he wanted Burisma investigated. Don’t you think it would help his case if he could provide a legitimate reason for thinking it should be investigated?

That would help his case. If he had that evidence, I feel it would have been brought to light before being impeached

Why would you argue it should be investigated if you are defending the charge that you used military aid to put pressure on Ukraine to announce that investigation? How does that help you in any way?