What would you do libs?

People caught in the crossfire would be the accurate definition.

Plus soldiers historically tend to react to how their opponents fight. For the average IDF soldier these Hamas fighters tend to act like the Japanese army did to the US Army in the Pacific. So that’s going to cause the average IDF soldier to become more brutal while they are fighting them and perhaps they’ll throw in grenades into buildings that may have civilians hiding inside without checking first. Because Hamas has a habit of fighting from occupied buildings.

Because they’re an El Salvadoran gang. They’re in 46 states. They fit the description:

But please, continue to wriggle.

Oh by all means let’s ignore gang members illegally entering the United States until they move in next door.




They entered on visa’s. but it doesn’t matter if it’s a legal or illegal entry where there is a jihadist will for mass murder, they’ll find a way. :roll_eyes:

Of course gang members have entered the country as have criminals. Entered illegally and legally. I did not say they did not but its not as if thousands of MS13 gang members have entered. MS13 would still be a massive problem even if zero people crossed the border illegally.

And before the parsing starts yes I know that anyone entering the country illegally is committing a crime but you know exactly what I mean.

MS13 originated in the US and exported itself outwards

But please continue to wriggle.

And you know this how?


You say as parsing.

You realize of course that Israel is not sending Palestinians on death marches into the desert, right? Hamas can end this war tomorrow by releasing the hostages and surrendering.

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I could ask you the same.

Educate yourself and you will see that MS13 alone is not the existential threat to America like some want us to believe.

All gang violence and criminal activity needs to be a concern and focus. Not cherry picking because it is politically expedient.

Well mate you are the master of that.

Their roots are in El Salvador, just like the USA Mafia has it’s roots in Italy/Sicily.

FYI you should search for El Salvador mega prison to see what the government is doing over there to protect their citizens.

And yet another,

“That’s what you are, what am I” response.

You guys are pretty weak today.

What’s up with that?

Their roots are in Los Angeles. The gang was originally formed by El Salvodoran immigrants to protect themselves from other gang activity. Obviously they had no noble intent so I am not deluding myself that they were some sort of benevolent group only protecting themselves. As they grew in power they became more violent.

Like all gangs they have no regard for human life and are only interested in what serves them best. Like all gangs they are a blight on society.

And so you see, diversity, love and unicorns don’t exist in the real world. :wink:


Ha that made me laugh. On that we can agree.

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Aren’t they? Blocking humanitarian aide? Starvation? Holding millions of non-combatants hostage unless their government complies with a demand? The “safe” area being a shifting concept that later becomes a conflict zone? Yeah, that sounds like a just way to proceed.

You might not like it, but it’s not genocide. Israel is allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza, but it’s a war zone, so it’s obviously very complicated. Palestinians are not starving to death.

No they are not.

Hamas fault

They are not hostages

Yea it Isreal fault that Hamas is using human shields.

All could be fixed over night if Hamas surrendered.


Not in large numbers yet. But according to the WHO 12-16% of Gaza kids suffer from serious malnutrition.