What would be the potential negatives of a so-called Medicare for all system?

There has been plenty of debate on government run healthcare so I was hoping to narrow the topic to what would be the potential negatives to us if this were done.

I guess the thing that comes to my mind would be that this would empower government to create an additional tax that government could always justify raising arguing for the “greater good.”

Not run, funded.

Could you elaborate?

Medicare isn’t government run healthcare. It’s a funding mechanism. Hospitals are both public and private. Providers are private.

Hmmm. That is an important distinction not often focused upon.

I didn’t say it was. I said that there was much debate on government run healthcare. I’m looking to focus on potential negatives of a Medicare for all system. I know that you are a proponent of this. But would you think there is any potential negatives if it were implemented?

When there is essentially only one payer does not that payer have virtually absolute power over that system?

They could I suppose, yes. But there are numerous lawsuits in which the govt. has lost in Medicare cases and their track record overall is pretty good. There are anecdotal horror stories to be sure but they are far from the norm.

The Government doesn’t run Medicare. It funds Medicare which then funds providers.


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Who are the providers?

I’m sorry what does “10 char” mean?

Almost every provider takes Medicare. My 89 yr old mother doctors are all at The Cleveland Clinic. Doesn’t get much better than that. And every hospital takes Medicare.

People over 65 love Medicare.

IMO, people who oppose Medicare for all don’t understand Medicare.

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Doctors, hospitals, clinic’s, labs etc

I doubt it would create an additional tax as Medicare is already funded by a tax. One problem I see is that Medicare was designed to cover people who have paid into that system. Expanding it to cover everyone will include people who haven’t paid into it and either bankrupt the system or cause the tax to increase significantly. And we already have the Medicaid system for people who can’t afford healthcare. Why is there no talk of improving or expanding that system?

How people feel about something depends on how well that particular thing works and how much they have to pay for it.

The medicare tax would have to be raised to cover these costs… Contrast the extra medicare you would pay with your current health insurance premiums.

Medicaid expansion was a key part of the ACA but the GOP derailed the expansion in the interest of politics.


There is a component of those who either oppose “Medicare for all” or have geniune concerns about it not due ignorance but rather don’t like the idea of putting more money and power in the hands of government.