What Will They Do!?

What will the Socialist Democrat Politicians do with the government being closed?

The Democrats want the American people to think that without the government
that we have nothing! They want us to think that we must completely count on them
for everything!

Well President Trump, here’s your chance to show the American
people how independent Americans can truly be, without the government.


Trump is the government.

TSA agents should be expected to work without pay.

He’s the President. There’s also the house, senate, city and state level.

Although, the Democrats definitely want to make everything owned and controlled
by the government in Washington, and not let the states make their own decisions.

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Transportation Security Administration

Hundreds of Transportation Security Administration officers, who are required to work without paychecks through the partial government shutdown, have called out from work this week from at least four major airports, according to two senior agency officials and three TSA employee union officials.

The mass call outs could inevitably mean air travel is less secure, especially as the shutdown enters its second week with no clear end to the political stalemate in sight.

I’m glad I don’t have to fly right now. Hopefully nothing bad happens.

Seriously? I guess you don’t fly.

That doesn’t make any sense.

who needs food


The terrorists know that it’s easier to get into the country with a VISA rather than cross hundreds of miles in the desert to come through the southern border. Even coming in through Canada is a lot easier than the southern route.

I love that Trump is trying to extort 5.7 billion out of taxpayers on the backs of food stamp recipients and essential TSA workers who are now secretly striking. Folks its gonna get ugly.

Trump doesn’t care about the people he’s hurting.

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Yeah its not Trump who is gonna deal with this. Its McConnell. This is starting to impact senate races and could easily cost him the Senate in 2020 and his position of power. If things get too weird, he’s gonna start counting votes to see if he can get to 67. And if he can he will tell Trump game over and Trump will cave. Right now he is hoping the Dems cave- I give it about a week or two more before he starts to get seriously cranky about this.

Those Snow Mexicans up north need a wall too.

Of the 19 9/11 terrorist hijackers, how many were 1) illegally here on visas, or 2) came here by crossing the southern border?

Of the broader illegal immigrant community, have most come across from the southern border or are they here on expired visas?

While Obama was in office how many terrorists attacks happened in America?

Compare that to how many terrorists attacks have happened while Trump has been

Owe, and also, who was President before 9-11? You know, the President that was in there
letting those visas expire, and not doing anything about it? I know, it was a Democrat
called Bill Clinton.

If you don’t know what TSA is, you haven’t flown in the past 20 years.

Government employees should work for free anyway, they call themselves “public servants” but only want to mooch from Americans.


You’re terrible at this.


or paid attention to any news article dealing with transportation safety or federal budget or encroaching of civil rights