What to do about Shifty?

As we all now know. Shifty lied repeatedly during the Russia hoax. Being told time after time in intelligence briefings that there was no evidence of any deal between Trump and Russia. Then time after time running to the cameras afterwards claiming that he had solid evidence there was. He repeated this lie for months. Lying to the faces of congress and hundreds of CNN viewers in airports across America. Trying to set up a legally elected President to take the fall for a crime he did not commit. This is about as serious and offence that can be commited. As close to treason as you can get. So what would be the proper punishment? Censure? Impeachment? What should be the consequences for Shifty?

BTW. Please respect the topic. This is about Shifty. Not The President. We have already heard your opinion of the president about 1000 times. Thanks!

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A two-thirds majority in the House is required to expel him. That is not going to happen.

Well, since the only two pieces of evidence that he lied are “Jack” and ■■■■■■ there’s not much that’s gonna happen.


I didn’t ask that. I asked if he should be impeached. I believe that you charge people for crimes. You try. Even if you can’t get a conviction. What do you think should be done with Shifty?

I didn’t ask for a prediction. I asked what do you believe the consequences should be for Shifty’s lies and attempted coup?

Guess you missed his performance at the impeachment inquiry.

He lied fabulously in front of tens of millions of Americans.

Surprised you missed it.

Try and impeach him. Show how little the gop knows about the constitution

wheres all the evidence he said he had?

or was he telling the truth?

dont you care about such blatant serially bold faced lying over the course of months?

of course not. he depends on that

If it was up to me, he would simply be voted out of office in 2020; or at the very least the GOP would take back the house and he could simply lose his power.

Outside of those two actions, I don’t see there is much we can do other than complain!

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GOP aside. What do you think the consequences Shifty should get for lying to you form months and trying to subvert a legal election?

Members of congress cannot be impeached; each house is responsible for its own members. Removing a member of the House requires a two-thirds majority in the House; there is no trial in the senate.

Schiff could face prosecution if he violated federal law, but lying to the media is not illegal.

Again, you misunderstood my thread. I was asking what consequences DO YOU Think he should face. I’ll put you down for No consequences for Shifty.

He should get zero votes the next time he runs. He’ll be reelected.

There are no consequences for something that didn’t happen.

You believe that he STILL has the promised evidence? When do you suppose he will release it? :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

As much as he lied about Russian collusion libs want us to accept he didn’t lie about knowing who whistle blower was…or meeting him?

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I would love to see him kicked out of office, but that is very unlikely given the district he represents.

An disciplinary action by the House is unlikely unless the Republicans take control. A Republican-controlled House would be the best punishment as far I am concerned.

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What is the argument against censure?

I’m with Newt.


Why would you cooperate with an Intelligence Committee chairman who is a clear proven liar?