What to do about Iran?

As you all know, last night attack on Americans in Jordon killed 3 Americans and injured another 25.

It is believed to be carried out by Iran proxies…possibly orders from Iran themselves.

Now I want to keep this on topic if possible. Personally I’m somewhat conflicted. I always believe if you kill Americans I want my government to kill you. But that doesn’t end there…I also question should we have been involved? Should we have troops in that region.

Opinions, thoughts?

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I have no difficulty with responding with force to attacks on US military personnel.

You’re going?


Get out and stay out.


We’ve been there for 20 years. I doubt this is the first time American troops have died at the hands of Iranian proxies or Iranians themselves for that matter.

Slap back…measured response…rinse and repeat until we’re finally out.

“Hit Iran now,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said in a statement after the Sunday attack. “Hit them hard.”

That dude needs to shut up.


Time to start B-52 ARC Light campaigns

I wouldn’t be surprised if Iran is deliberately goading the US to attack Iran directly, giving them cause (in their way of thinking) of proving that they have nuclear weaponry.

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Great plan

I hope you’re serious and not throwing a Wu sarcastic comment.
This is bull ■■■■■ ■■■■ Iran time to put the Moolahs balls in a vice.

Biden won’t take that bait.

biden’s ineffective bumbling policy asked for this

acting all tough in response to something you brought on yourself is pathetic. neocons and dems do love war.

we shouldn’t be in the region.

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I am absolutely being sarcastic. You want to do what? Bomb them?

What good will that do. Kill 1,000 women and children? Galvanize the muslim world against us when we don’t have a military?

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what we should do - open our oil fields and burn all the oil wells in Iran
what we will do - grab our ankles and beg Iran to give the world more oil

If we respond, it needs to be in a way that actually creates a positive for us and negative for them. If we do it, I would target the Iranian Navy, specifically their ships off the coast of Yemen and in the Red Sea. No civilian casualties, a major capability losses for Iran and the end of their ship providing targeting data to the Houthis


How tough would it be to turn 28 Houthi’s/Syrian rebels/whomever deemed responsible into grease spots?

I have zero qualms about scuttling an Iranian warship or even taking out an Iranian general suspected of staging attacks somewhere he “shouldn’t” be.

But in the end, blow up a cave full of derelicts with a joystick and call it a day, unless we want to get further involved.

Here is what I think. If we don’t carry out a large punishing attack then what is our reason for American troops being there in first place if we aren’t going to protect them?

And if we can’t protect them…or not willing to protect them than get em out.

That’s just my opinion.


Let’s make some ■■■■■■■ grass grow. :man_shrugging:

I remember the last time 'Murica smashed half the Iranian Navy in less than the span of an 8 hour shift. :rofl: