What the Iran Nuke Deal means to me. :-)

What the Iran nuclear deal means to me. :slight_smile:

“Carrying coal to Newcastle,” would be silly because coal is plentiful, and therefore cheap in New Castle. True, there are no coal mines in London, London’s demand for coal in Newcastle drives up the price for coal in Newcastle nonetheless coal remains cheap in Newcastle because it is plentiful there.

Same deal with Salmon in Alaska, sand in the desert etc. etc… No matter how much people pay for something elsewhere, the price at the source rises only a little bit.

If Iran, a country swimming in oil wants nuclear power as a cheap source of civilian energy it must be pretty damn cheap. Imagine New Castle switching to any “not coal” because even in Newcastle “not coal” is cheaper than coal.

That tells me that either

  • nuclear power is really really really cheap when you get the government out of the way, or
  • even with the Iran nuclear deal in place, Iran is up to something BAD and simply disguising it as a civilian power program.

I’m not sure which it is.
I know a thing or two about econ, China ten years ago and how to grill a steak, but
I thought bottled water was a stupid temporary fad and rock and roll was here to stay, so I try to remain teachable. (lol)

If anyone wants to tell me about the above I’m interested.

I gotta work soon but I’ll be checking in.