What the hell is wrong with these people?

“I believe it is our ethical and moral imperative to investigate the Major League Baseball cheating scandal fully and to determine the extent to which this cancer has spread,” he added.

What the hell does this have to do with Congress? Do your ■■■■■■■ jobs!

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Mr Rush please go back to sleep.


Congress has dominion over MLB because of their anti trust exemptions.

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Congress love a good hearing on baseball,

I love baseball. Astros men bad.

Patriots cheat and no one cares.
leave the poor Astros alone.

Lots of people care. Deflate-gate was covered like Watergate down here.

ETA: ■■■■ the Patriots

Yes, and after they get the baseball thing cleared up…go down south and check into the cheating in NASCAR. I heard one team is using illegal lug nuts!! Somebody needs to get to the bottom of that!

God bless Mama Government. May she keep us safe from the perils of MLB misconduct.


Meh, he’s annoyed that the Astros didn’t have to steal signs to whip the black sox

they didn’t pay taxes on the stolen signs…

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Leave the Houston Asterisks alone!

I think they have the authority to investigate because they give the MLB (and the NFL and so on) waivers to be a monopoly?

They investigated and subpoenaed many baseball players for the PED scandal. They have the function of overseeing because of anti trust laws.

Forget Congress, sic our anti-corruption crusader POTUS on 'em.

MLB just needs a couple players to kneel during the anthem and suddenly it’ll be a national security issue with Trump.


Maybe Pence will go to an Astros game then walk out after the first homerun

They can’t do the job they have now.

Yeah…thise darned obstructionists in the House. Keeping the work of the people from being done.

The whole legislature sucks and has for years. Here’s an idea, how about they worry about fixing the DACA mess instead of sign stealing in baseball?