What stops post-term abortions after several hours being extended to post-term abortions after 80 years?

A significant number of Democrats are of the view that a baby at full term could reasonably be delivered, kept comfortable and after a discussion between practitioners and mother as to whether the child is worth keeping, and if the child will adversely affect the mothers well-being/lifestyle, extinguish the child’s life. Would it be unreasonable for an old person to be a bit worried that their children might have a similar discussion with practitioners and make the same decision for similar reasons to end their life.



There are no post-term abortions after several hours.

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Yes it would be unreasonable and this thread is stupid as ■■■■■


While it’s not to busy I’ll take the time to point out that it’s posts like this that keep me from trying to hold many discussions with you. Your whole premise is just… wrong.

That doesn’t say what you think it does.

Yeah? Just like it’s said there are no rapes in Saudi Arabia.

We have a DNR for our son. I am just going to call it a post-term abortion from now on.
Stay klassy.


Is this Significant number higher than 20?

No, but it makes it more bearable.

If your have a DNR for an adult is that a post post post post term abortion?


Of course. There is no other way to view it.

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where do these people get this crap?

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Republican Media.

If the adult concerned didn’t sign it themselves… yes… it’s a post term abortion. Look up the meaning of “abortion”.

A DNR is now a termination of pregnancy?

Jeez… you guys are getting weird up in here.

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The bolded statement is a ■■■■■■■ lie.

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FALSE. After carrying a child for 9 months, do you really think the mom is going to tell the doctor to kill it? Jesus Christ, the ■■■■ you people believe.

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Where do they get that? One guess: right wing radio/tv and ignorant politicians.