What should be the name for the just procured CVN-81?

CVN-81 has recently been procured as part of a two-carrier buy with CVN-80 (USS Enterprise). As the hull has now been officially been procured, naming will likely occur within the next couple of years, depending on how fast the Secretary of the Navy wishes to act.

USS Enterprise was a good naming decision and I would like to see legacy names used for future carriers.

USS Lexington and USS Saratoga are both available, with no ships using those names since the early 1990’s. USS Ranger is available as well.

USS Yorktown has been available since the mid 1980’s.

USS United States was to have been the name of CVN-75, which ultimately became the Harry S. Truman and the name is still available.

Wasp is currently in use but Hornet is available.

I would personally be happy with Lexington or Saratoga.

Ya, I kind of liked it when carriers were named after historic battles.

So I’m partial to USS Midway.
But I’m biased in that I served in VAW-115.
USN Ret.

Midway would be a good name and is currently available.

As a sop to the Democrats, how about the USS Aldrich Ames? USS Robert Hanssen?

I’d like to see them pick a World War I Battle name considering the centenary of the end of that war recently passing.

USS Belleau Wood is my pick even though it doesn’t roll off of the tongue well. It fits though. It was a major Marine Corps engagement.

Navy sig lines are weird. :wink:

Hornet, Lexington, Saratoga would all be good choices.

Is there an active “Coral Sea”? Both would be good choices. “USS Philippine Sea” would be another great choice.

ATC = Aviation Electronics Technician, Chief Petty Officer
AW = Air Warfare Specialist
NAC = Naval Aircrewman

(I usually drop the MTS which was Master Training Specialist)


How about USS Saigon, USS MacArthur, USS Discovery, USS BlackHawke, USS Freedom, USS USA the possibilities are endless. But for God’s sake never use OBAMA or CLINTON or CARTER or MCSHAMECAIN!

We didn’t win the final operation around Saigon. Outside of evacuations we didn’t really have a role.

Most ships with battle related names are chosen because they were American victories, not losses.

That would be the equivalent of Japan naming a cruiser after the Philippine Sea. They lost that battle decisively.

A bit late on both. :smile:

The USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23) is perhaps the most elite vessel in the entire United States Navy.

In 2018, shortly before his death. the USS John S. McCain (DDG-56) which was originally named for his grandfather and father was rededicated to be include the Senator as well.

Carter is a Seawolf class, correct?

Those things are amazing. They were just too damn expensive.

But hey we got the Virginia class out of it though. Which is probably the most successful naval construction project in a generation.

It is a Seawolf. They came back into port flying the Jolly Roger not too long ago. :smile: It is used for special operations.

Coral Sea has been available since CV-43 was decommissioned and struck in 1990.

Why would you name a Ship “Saigon”.

We tend to name them after great people and epic battles that we won, not our losses.

You arent really wrong here, but George H.W Bush… we are really running out of names.

I still think we need to throw a bone to the Democrats- a name they can relate to and appreciate:
USS Jane Fonda?
USS Alger Hiss?

Could name it the Trump and man it with undocumented workers and use gold plated faucets. :wink:

I understand. Why not:) I appreciate a good come back.

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