What should be the correct verdict in the Kim Potter trial?

I didn’t see any thread on this as far as I can tell? What should be the correct verdict?

The main question in my view is, would she have been justified in using a gun, not whether she meant to use a taser.



I listened to some of the trial. From what I recall this was the first time in her 25 years as a police officer that she ever deployed a weapon.

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IMO…she has to be penalized with something to satisfy the BLMers and the “virtuous” among us plus the mistake is egregious, even if it was a mistake. She’ll get convicted of gross negligence, involuntary manslaughter and will be sentenced by the judge to 6 years and serve 2 for good behavior.

Because that is the issue, was she justified in shooting, not whether she used a gun thinking it was a taser.


I disagree. She never claimed she was justified to use lethal force nor did she intend to.

Probably should have.

It would have been a lie.

Cops can shoot fleeing dangerous felons.

Ah, I understand what you’re saying now. The evidence wouldn’t have supported it. Lying in court is not a good idea.

I think you are correct and that will be the verdict and sentence. I have not followed that closely. But I did hear something that was disturbing. I heard that she did not attempt to follow the vehicle or radio in what had happened. And that caused a ten minute stand-off when the other officer arrived on the scene of the crash. Now I don’t know if he could have received treatment in that time that could have saved his life. Perhaps someone here has more information on that.

Her defense did argue it.

If not for worrying about the BLMers…Do you think she should get any time in prison?

They are stupid.

Of course it is.

There were several officers there and when she shot him, she buckled on the ground and was useless. It would have been up to the other officers there to help cuz she was immediately overstricken with grief for what she had done. This is one of the reasons I believe her sentence will be light. Her immediate remorse, was obviously sincere…indicating it to be a zillion percent accidental.

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This is a very complicated situation and in all honesty I’m stumped on what the verdict should be in my own view.

First one of these cases like this where I’m completely stumped. Daunte Wright was definitely in the wrong by trying to use the car to escape arrest. But based on her testimony and her actions she herself felt like lethal force wasn’t warranted so she went with the non lethal option, her taser. Unfortunately for Daunte she pulled her service pistol instead and shot him.

The question to me is would she have been justified in using lethal force to stop the suspect? That’s where I’m really conflicted. The easy answer is yes, Daunte was attempting to flee in a motor vehicle after being informed of his arrest due to a legally issued warrant, putting the officers present in danger. But somehow I’m not 100% sure if that is the right call in this specific case.

I could see this going down in a multitude of ways. As for what true justice is, I have no idea.


They can but from what I understand it has to meet certain criteria to be justifiable.

There was that case a few years ago in one of the Carolinas where the cop ate a lengthy prison sentence for shooting a fleeing suspect in the back. I need to look it up but from what I remember his warrant was related to unpaid child support and fines.

In that case, Tenn vs Garner wouldn’t apply since he wasn’t a known dangerous suspect accused of a violent felony which is why that cop ate some charges.

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I fully believe that she is 100% remorseful and it was an accident.

Only thing is that some accidents will still get you in trouble.

I do think her sentence will probably be very light considering the circumstances. Question is how light? Does she get any prison time at all?

Not that their opinion matters, but to a lot of the radical BLM nutcases justice has to involve a prison sentence of some kind. Which isn’t necessarily justice but you know how those guys think. They’d certainly protest any action that doesn’t involve prison time.