What’s for Dinner?

Admittedly I’m proud. It’s dirty rice and the best I’ve done in awhile.

Reversed my usual order of cooking onions, garlic & peppers first & cooked beef, then those vegetables. Added black pepper and paprika, a little oregano, salt, and fresh celery.

Then reversed the order in the directions and cooked the rice with olive oil, a little salt and turned it yellow with turmeric, which is natural treatment of joint pain.

Sacrilegious in Cajun Country, I know, but am not a fan of bell peppers and switch them out with a half a habanero.

Anyone have recipes they’d like to share?


Portobello mushroom stuffed ravioli with a bolognese sauce and chicken with a side of broccoli cauliflower and carrots. My wife’s favorite.

Saute the seasoned chicken breast in light olive oil (I use cavenders Greek seasoning.)
Bring bolognese to a simmer, add heavy cream until pasty orange then add chopped chicken and baby spinach, turn off heat and cover.
Boil raviolis, plate with cooked veggies and pour sauce over raviolis, sprinkle with shredded parmigiana cheese.


Italian meatloaf, from Jenn Segal’s (Once Upon a Chef) cookbook - like a giant meatball per her description. Made gluten free using gluten free Italian breadcrumbs. Best meatloaf we’ve ever had, gluten free or no. Accompanied by hash brown potatoes and grilled fresh asparagus. Oh, and a nice italian red.


Last night I prepared blackned salmon fillets, sauteed vegetable medley and white rice.

Tonight, chicken asada tacos with side of refried beans, Mexican rice, guacamole, onions, cilantro and lemon.

The hardest part for me is getting the Mexican rice right, mom just has that magic


Animals and plants. ■■■■ dem dishes!


I swear, you should open a restaurant with all of the great food you cook. :cook:


I made some brown rice in the instant pot.

Gonna learn to cook dry beans too.

Until I get my taste sense back that Covid stole from me though, it will all taste like warm soggy cardboard.

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Chicken Fried Steaks… this was a while back but I’m making them again tonight. :smiley:


I like paper plates too, the wife not so much. But I use paper plates for meal prep. That’ll show her🤣


Same. I probably waste about 1,000 of those suckers every month. :rofl:


Luckily, Sam’s sells 1000 for like a dollar.


I love to cook… thanks for starting this thread lol

Speaking of which; how do you start a thread? Doesn’t give me the option.


I like some brisket and burnt ends.


When you pick a section, like Outside the Beltway, you should see to your right New Topic.

Click on that to start one, Community Feedback section for technical questions.

Welcome aboard by the way.


Forgot in OP dirty rice isn’t a soupy dish, but needs one to 1/2 c water added, I’d say after draining fat from meat & before adding veggies & spices.

Cooked the meat, veggies and rice together for about five minutes.

From scratch… Chicken soup yesterday.

What really makes this awesome is to add lemon grass.

I use a whole jar of Better Than Bouillon chicken base (I make a huge pot of soup)



Grape Leaves with lemon zest on top.


I love that, but make mine with cube steaks. Yummmy!

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I do the same. Cube Steaks, hit them with flour mixed with pepper and garlic powder. Dip in egg & water, dip in Panko crumbs with Parmesan cheese. Fry in electric skillet and oil. My gravy is a jalapeno gravy. I keep some of the oil and drippings… I fry some garlic in it (crushed) and add flower, course ground pepper and some pureed jalapeno and some milk. My wife won’t eat chicken fried steak at a restaurant. A few days ago, we opened up a menu, the waiter was there and she said “Oh, chicken fried steak sounds good…” he said “Gravy on top?” … She said YUP! Looked at me and said You’re making chicken fried steaks this week… I’ll have the burger. :smiley:

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I don’t own a real plate. Also… when i let my supply of paper plates run out temporarily… i do have alumimum foil. Not good for microwave but OK to eat off of