What’s Everyone Doing for Enjoyment?

I’m delighted to be taking a week vacation & attending a performance of Shen Yun, a traditional Chinese production.

What’s everyone else doing?

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That’s cool. I’ve always wanted to see Shen Yun.

I really, really enjoy baseball and the League championship series are getting going. Both are great matchups. It’s that time of year. :grinning:

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Well last night I kill a lot of hollows and then beat the crap out of the possessed Dragonslayers Armour.

Lord of Cinders, I know where you are and I’m coming for you.


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Saturdays I’ll be in my shop, I do quite a bit of woodworking. If I’m sitting, I’ll have a guitar in my lap. And on Sunday mornings I’m out on the golf course getting aggravated…lol. Plus kayaking (used to be into whitewater), photography, and I love to cook…I’m always doing something.

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I just got done playing the original Final Fantasy all the way through on the Steam pixel remaster. I missed 3 out of the 249 treasure chests and 21 out of the 128 monsters in the bestiary, which means I’ll have to play it at least one more time.

4 more weeks until the next checkup on this ankle. I might play Trials of Mana next, but I really should finish Octopath Traveler first.

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A colleague of my wife has gifted us a few days stay in the hills of Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. I read some of 1 Samuel, enjoyed homemade muesli soaked with pomegranate juice. We went for a run together in soft drizzle and thunder through a forest. The on-site cook served daal and chappatis for lunch and I’m reading James Patterson’s Private Sydney found in the bookcase here, and posting some thoughts to this forum, sipping tea.

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Been watching The International 10 tournament, grand finals are coming up

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A few days ago I downloaded a color-by-number app called Happy Color. Best coloring app I’ve downloaded. It’s nice to just sit down somewhere and color, to relieve stress if anything.

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Looking at it on Google Maps, it appears close to Tibet and Nepal.

Looking at the photos, the scenery is gorgeous!

Stopped to chat with an elderly couple yesterday who had driven that day a bit further north than we are now, and they showed us their phone photos of intervening hills backdropped by the blue and white Himalayas. They were indeed impressive.

Enjoying retirement with my wife. We are settled in our new Colorado home, moving from Texas to my wife’s home to be near her family.

I enjoy walking the neighborhood trails during the day. At night you can find me in my home theater enjoying a good movie. I also like to read and play my guitar.

Playing through Metroid Dread at the moment.

It’s a magnificent experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, worth every penny https://www.shenyun.com/

I hope one of these venues is near you.