What posts got me a suspension?

Hi, just got back from a surprise suspension. I assume the point of these punishments is to learn to behave better, but I’m unclear on what I was doing that was different from any other honored guest here. My suspension message was:

I have no idea what “off topic garbage” I was trolling with. My only guess is that I posted a link to a Weird Al Video about tinfoil hats and conspiracies in response to someone posted a conspiracy theory… but that’s on topic to their post and I don’t see how its any different than the tons of other meme gifs and images people post. So yea, I don’t know what I did wrong.

Could someone please tell me what post(s) it was so that I can “try to not to do it again”?

Also, have you considered adding some ability to contacts mods after a suspension? I’ve at least been suspending once by mistake and had it reversed, so it would be nice if there would be a way we could contact and find out why we were suspended.


Y’all under the impression this is a peanut gallery?


If you posted after I did, use your time off to reflect on your lack of self control.

A member of this forum asked a question of the staff. Eventually, the appropriate member of the staff will be along to answer it.

If you are not staff, this is not a discussion thread for your streams of consciousness.

I would highly suggest you not continue throwing yourselves at this wall.


You started with “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Then trolled the thread into oblivion with off topic garbage, just like it said in the message you repeated.

It wasn’t a mistake. You were purposefully given a break so 1) you’d stop for the time being, and 2) you might not do it again…we’ll see.