What Logic or Evidence Exists That "Nothing" Is Possible or Necessary

The recursive question that entity A is caused by entity B, entity B is caused by entity C, and so on, makes us believe that, due to the perceived linearity of time that there must be a termination, an uncaused cause. This I believe is a logically sound argument. There is a non linear force, an uncreated entity that serves as an eternal logical premise on which the universe/reality operates.

My question then, is, where does the concept of “nothing” come from? What evidence is there that our current universe necessarily comes from “nothing”? If nothing once existed, but now it doesn’t, it must be that something has always existed - nothing cannot become something, by definition. Therefore, nothing has never existed. But the “recursive terminator” has.

Also, why do we attach personified traits to the recursive terminator? Why cant the universe operate with eternal fields that are bound by logical constants, uncreated, and existing on their own? And if you believe the latter, in what sense is this “God”?

Is the truth that our minds don’t have the ability to understand the nature of nothingness. Therefore we’ve invented religion/god as means to understand it.

There is nothing to understand about nothingness. It’s nothing. It’s never existed in any form, by definition of nothing. Nothing has never been observed, and theres no philosophical or scientific case to make that “nothing” should exist or has existed

And that’s what we can’t understand, that’s why we invent religion/god. Perhaps there’s a level of cognition we’ve yet to reach, that when we reach a fuller understanding of nothingness, we can move beyond religion.

There is no “full understanding of nothingness”. Theres nothing to understand, I guess is what I’m trying to say. Nothing is nothing.

I see, circular logic.

There is a whole religion that is based on understanding nothingness, or śūnya, the process in which mediating upon the śūnya allows a person to expand their being until they are one with śūnya.

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