What law/s did Trump actually break?

I am not a fan of Trump, but if you look beyond his constant deceptive language and insistent story lines, I cannot really find a single law he’s broken.

Help me out here folks.

  • Trump gave money to Stormy Daniels in exchange for being silent about their relationship. Where’s the crime? Trump used his own money to pay off Daniels and probably other porn stars, mistresses, and love children.

  • Trump’s campaign members contacted, with Trump’s approval, Russian government officials. They agreed to give his campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Assuming that both are true, please explain what crime was committed?

I don’t see any report that Trump used money to fund Daniels’ hush agreement with campaign funds.

I don’t see any report where Trump and Putin made a political deal: Trumps gets dirt on Hillary, Putin gets to avoid sanctions if Trump gets elected president. Or something of that nature. I see reports that Russia wanted to give information to Trump about Hillary Clinton, but nothing political in exchange.

I fully agree that it makes his religious right followers look awfully hypocritical. I mean, here they are going after gays and transgenders (something biblically vague), and ignoring blatant biblical sins.

This is pretty much my opinion in a nutshell.

He may be a belligerent tool, but he didn’t do anything legally wrong.

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It was her turn.

Is the question strictly on the subject of banging porn stars and funneling them hush money?

I’d wait for the special counsel’s investigation to conclude before making definite statement.

It’s his campaign. And what did he know and when did he know it.

Possible Campaign Finance Violations. Giuliani messed up when he said the pay off was to help the campaign, which then made not reporting it, illegal.

I’m no legal expert, so I wouldn’t know. But the special counsel investigation, is less a criminal investigation, and more of a counter intelligence investigation tasked with investigating Russian interference into the 2016 election, and whether there was coordination with Russia and the Trump campaign. It’s a fact finding mission, with the added caveat that the Special Counsel can prosecute any federal crimes that pop up.

100% agreed. As I said before, Trump’s scandal is just like the Clinton scandal: Ethical lines were crossed, but nothing illegal.

All what he have is evidence that Trump paid women to shut up about their past relationship and a Russian government eager to give Trump dirt on Clinton.

If there’s anymore than this, I have to call the entire thing one big sideshow.

I’ve asked libs this multiple times over the last couple months…or what Trump that was done that was corrupt.

Not one single lib could answer me. Except that Mueller bust Manafort and some Russians.

So don’t expect honest answer from em.

Mueller probably can, though.

Maybe Y’all should wait for Mueller to finish his investigation?

I am not 100% educated on campaign finance laws, but if the money came from Trump’s treasure chest and not his campaign chest, then there’s no law being broken.

I believe it is a fact-finding mission. This mission would have been over sooner, if Trump himself didn’t constantly try to dissolve it or attempt to discredit it.

I am not going to defend Trump’s idiotic behavior, but I just don’t see how this investigation is leading to an indictment against the President. I mean, Comey himself said that Trump wasn’t being charged with a crime.

To be fair: corruption and legality are two different things.

I think it’s very shady for him to fire Comey over Russia and then lie about it. I find it very unethical that he would have his campaign staff meet with Russian officials. I find it unethical that he would pay off porn stars and potential mistresses and love children during the 2016 election cycle. I find it unethical for him to constantly lie to the American people and slam our government agencies because they dare to say negatives things about the Russian government. But at the same time, I see nothing illegal here. Trump has every right to fire his FBI Director or lie to people (without being under oath).

Trumpsters can use “But Hillary” accuses, but at the end of the day, he is still a scumbag, and us Christians shouldn’t be excusing behavior which is blatantly a violation of everything we are suppose to stand for.

I’m not 100% certain either. But if the payment was done to help the campaign, as Giuliani suggested. Then it doesn’t matter where the funds came from. It would still need to be reported, and not reporting it would be illegal.

I don’t think so. It seems the Russian interference was quite extensive. Remember Pinedo? The California man indicted for using stolen identities to help Russians create dummy bank accounts? As far as what Comey said, that was a while ago in terms of the investigation. Who knows where its at now. Maybe Trump will never be indicted, may Trump colluding with the Russians is not illegal. But I think it is a worthwhile investigation, to find out exactly what the Russians did. when they did, who they helped, and who helped them.

Trump may not have broken any laws. The Mueller probe will either expose laws he did break or prove that he did not break any laws. The probe has certainly exposed criminal and questionable activity both related to the 2016 campaign and Russian interference.

At no point in the charge Robert Mueller was given was he directed to ignore other criminal activity he might expose in the process of probing the possibility of collusion with the Russians in the 2016 election.

Let Mueller finish his probe. Quit trying to interfere in the process. Accept the fact that he will not turn a blind eye to criminal acts he discovers in the probe that are not directly related to the e look section angle.

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Hey, I have an idea. All those Republicans, Trump included, who are calling for “special counsel” probes of Hillary Clinton, fine. All those Republicans, including Trump, calling for “special counsel” probe of the FBI and the DOJ, fine. Let’s do it.

However let us apply to those probes the sort of restrictions that so many Republicans feel should have been applied to the Mueller probe.

First, any probe of Clinton or the FBI and the DOJ must be infinitely narrow. The specific crimes that will be investigated must be stated up front. All unrelated criminality that gets exposed in the probes must be ignored. Lastly, each probe must be completed in 365 days.

Would Republicans including Trump, accept those guidelines for the “special counsel” probes that Republicans are calling for?

Off the top of my head, Conspiracy to Defraud the US, Obstruction of Justice and whatever the campaign finance violation laws are related to Trump’s pornstar payoffs. I also think there will be some money laundering schemes uncovered. If Trump sits in front of Mueller in an interview, I fail to see how he wouldn’t lie… so that’d be another charge(s).

Mueller of course knows a lot more information than I do, so maybe if Trump lets him do his job, this whole thing can come to an end.

It’s obvious as day that, though, that Trump doesn’t want Mueller to finish his job. Trump’s “fighting back” isn’t something an innocent person would do. “But”, to quote The Donald himself, “we’ll see…”