What kind of hate crime is this?

A Lake Forest man faces a hate crime charge after allegedly kidnapping an Asian woman, believing she was white, with the intent to sexually assault her.

so the crime wasn’t racial motivated because he was stupid?

Where are you getting that?

Targeting white people, too stupid to recognize asian people.

Holy crap. lol


§ 422.55 – Defines “hate crime” as a criminal act committed, in whole or in part, because of one or more of the following actual or perceived characteristics of the victim: disability, gender, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation; or because of the person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.

If he targeted and individual based on perceived race, it’s a hate crime under California law (and just about everyone else). Doesn’t matter if he’s an idiot.

Of course the media blame all anti-Asian attacks on “white supremacists” even though African-Americans are responsible for a large portion of the attacks:

Good Lord! Does CNN know this! Somebody should tell them so they can report it.


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Whites are so evil that they are responsible for Black attacks on Asians.

Certainly that his the party line from China.


When someone of my “race” does something criminal my reaction is to condemn it. I guess the reaction of others is to find someone of another race doing something similar to either make their race look better or another race worse. Might be a name for that.

Yes, Democrat.


Pee Wee Herman would be so proud of that amazing reply.

Will our first Asian-Black VP condemn this attack?

Would her silence be complicity?

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That is so sad on so many levels…I hope she is OK.

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Yes, no one deserves to be attacked like that. Very sad.

This is when the police can be the hero and bring some justice.

They did quickly arrest the demon that did that.

How bout this one?

The black guy was “walking in the wrong neighborhood”

“You’re in the wrong neighborhood,” Pentland, standing on the sidewalk, can be heard saying to the other man before using an expletive. “I ain’t playing with you. … I’m about to show you what I can do.”


This has been going on a long long time, look at the date of the article, my opinion most of it has to do with them being of small stature physically and criminals take advantage of that.

It seems it picked up after covid the coverage definitely did when the media blamed all anti asian racism on Trump as well as the spa shooting in Atlanta even though it wasn’t determined to be race motivated many covered it as it was.

I’d hate to be a white guy walking in the “wrong” neighborhood.

My neighborhood is pretty tight knit. I had a kitchen remodel done a few months ago. Even though the vehicles were labeled with the company names, when they started hauling stuff out of my house I got a call from two neighbors to alert me.

I’ll bet on holidays, etc. there are plenty of guests in that neighborhood. If someone is acting weird and setting off alarm bells then who cares what their race is.

Plus, I kind of don’t blame Pentland. The guy looked skeevy. Bet he’s never been shoved in his life, right? Oh, the horror!

Really?..I can’t imagine thinking I have the right to question anybody walking through my neighborhood. Its none of my business until I see him on my property and not coming to my door.