What is the purpose of raising taxes?

What’s the point? The national debt clock has done nothing but spin out of control for decades regardless of who is in charge and the tax rate. Nothing has even slowed it down. There is a zero percent chance that a tax hike will do a damned thing to change this. The tax payers do not have enough money to pull us out of debt. So why bother?

Please don’t turn this into an argument as to why you think your party is really good regarding the national debt. The national debt clock says otherwise. Both parties suck. Bigly.

Flawed thinking.

The national debt clock is a cumulative metric built up over decades.

It states nothing about performance of one party or the other over managing the debt.

This flawed thinking comes from the flawed assumption that national debt is inherently bad.

It’s neither inherently bad nor inherently good.

As to your assumption about taxes…I agree…taxes by themselves without a strategy for determining in what the government should be involved and in what they shouldn’t be involved is doomed to failure.

Not true.

Obama slowed the debt clock considerably.

Clinton did as well.

Both of those D admins had ‘help’ - or ‘pressure’ - from GOP congresses.

Slowing the accumulation of debt can be done.

There are real life consequences to letting debt spiral up too fast. but generally, it is not imperative to wipe our or even lower all national debt. What is important is that the rate of increase is in balance with other economic factors.

So it can keep rising, yes, but you have to guard against it rising too fast.

So tax increases alone are foolish and solve nothing. We agree on my only real point. Don’t increase taxes without a plan. Tax increases alone don’t do jack ■■■■ to reduce the debt.

Good Lord. What does that even mean? We can go 100 trillion dollars into debt as long as we do it slower than we are doing right now? Sorry, but I’m not seeing how this helps anything.

I had the courtesy of answering your question.

Please do me the courtesy of not cutting out the part of the discussion on flawed assumptions.

Flawed assumptions are at the basis of every bad policy or activity ever undertaken and should be addressed honestly.

Thank you.

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Just because I disagree with your flawed reply does not mean I am obligated to offer a retort. I replied to the part I wanted to discuss. Perfectly acceptable. Tax increases will do absolutely nothing to bring us out of debt. Not a single thing. On this we agree. So why bother?

It’s all relative.

We could have $100 trillion in national debt if our GDP was, say $300-$500 trillion.

You can disagree with my comment your assumptions about debt are flawed.

It doesn’t make you correct.

Your hidden assumption is all debt is bad.

This is obviously not true.

I don’t have any hidden assumptions. Your statement is rude and uncalled for. If you want to know my views, please ask. Nothing will be “hidden.” But you already knew this.

It’s not true that nothing has ever slowed the debt down. You can study and see where the debt has grown more vs. less.

F.e. prior to current administration:


I mentioned nothing about slowing down anything. What good does slowing down do? Suppose without a tax hike our debt is 35 trillion. And with a tax hike it’s 34 trillion. What real good did it do? Nothing because it will be going to 35 trillion anyway. The national debt has done nothing but grow for decades. Is a tax hike going to stop this?

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The debt isn’t going to magically go away from a tax hike or any single program. That is Santa Claus type thinking. But programs that reduce the deficit and eventually the debt area step in the right direction. Tax hikes can do that, certainly better than tax reductions.

well, yes. As long as your time frame for getting to 100T is long enough, it won’t have a negative effect on our economy.

Tax hikes alone do nothing. Not a single thing to help. By themselves, they are worthless. Taking your money and blowing it. Why bother? The debt won’t be affected in the long term. Not enough to notice anyway. Pelosi doesn’t deserve any of my money. Not another penny.

On the one hand, you re arguing the debt doesn’t matter. No sense trying to slow its growth. On the other hand, you seem upset the debt keeps growing.

I don’t understand your point.

The point of raising taxes is to pay for the government’s present consumption of services. If you don’t want to raise taxes, you can lower spending or borrow. Since the 1980’s we have been borrowing year after year. We keep increasing spending without the rise in taxes.

If I was in charge, I would raise taxes until that clock stopped moving, and then i would figure out what to do.


Should we do away with all taxes and let the debt increase that much faster?

Control? :laughing:
That’s like saying we controlled the plane before it crashed. That’s a pretty flakey justification for giving more of my retirement plan to the feds. :roll_eyes:

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A lot of people feel that way. It’s a fantasyland they have created in their mind that they don’t have to pay for government spending. Most of them live in Red States too.

Everybody has hidden assumptions. It is not personal. It’s called being a human being.

Everyone has a priori assumptions they make that they are most times not even consciously aware they are making.

Yours is broadcast by you using a cumulative metric as a standard of performance against the debt.

That you believe this tells you something about government’s performance on the debt reveals to me that you believe debt is bad.

Please show me where I am mistaken.