What is the added cost of keeping thousands of troops on the border?

Serious question. Can anyone with detailed knowledge break down the costs associated with deploying these soldiers to the border, as opposed to the baseline cost of the soldiers not being deployed in this manner?

A border wall would probably be cheaper in the long run.

I read somewhere that the estimated cost could be anywhere between 42 million to 110 million.

MAGA bitches millions of dollars at a time

According to this article, up to $220 million.

Meh. With inflation, that’s just one day of Michelle Obama’s incessant travelling.


To India?


Your article may be more recent than mines. Either way that’s a lot of bread to fight against immigrants armed with rocket arms and slingshots.

Didn’t you see the update from the CJCS? They will be nowhere near any immigrants…

Complete waste of â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  money and resources, all for a damn political stunt.

This thread is oddly silent

Better use of the loot than anything “Progressive”.

BTW, some years ago Congress lost about half this much only to find it later. I don’t know how much money you might lose and not notice it but this is about at that threshold for Congress.

They can piss off more on a slow Sunday before breakfast.

Interesting gymnastics. Money pissed away is acceptable as long as money has previously been pissed away on dumber things. Got it.

The unaccountable militia movements are absolutely loving this. Perhaps they think they can nab more arms?

You don’t really care about government spending unless it’s something you don’t like, do you?

It isn’t being pissed away on progressivism, so, no, not on dumbass things.

If it was being spent on progressive stuff that would indeed be dumbass though.

If the spending I didn’t like, everything that there’s no delegated power for, went away we could chop taxes steeply and still work towards paying off the debt.

Automated machine gun turrets every fifty yards. Bullets are cheaper than soldiers.

Supporting a sociopath who is raising the deficit unnecessary spending means you essentially have no opinion other and partisan hackery. NOT any care for this country.

An improvement over cartels getting them via the ATF gunwalking scandal (not just the Jacob Chambers Case, btw).

It’s at least for a delegated Power. Quite unlike ALL progressive federal spending.