What is going on in the AFC playoffs?

Baltimore goes belly up to the 6th seed yesterday.

Kansas City is looking early like they are going belly up to the 4th seed.

Could we get the first 6th seed in the Super Bowl???

The KC Chiefs have a history of not doing that good in the playoffs.

This chiefs game is painful


My beloved Pittsburgh Steelers won as the sixth seed over Seattle 15 years ago! (Then lost to a sixth seed - Green Bay - 5 years later…)

KC making a run.

I was shocked by Baltimore, my niece’s husband, a diehard fan, watched that debacle in person.

Chiefs waking up.

This game is whack

Given Kansas City’s history, this could turn completely around in the third quarter, than completely around again in the fourth quarter. :smile:

That half was bonkers.

I was born and raised in Tennessee. After years of watching my Titans struggle, it’s good to see them kicking some ass! Superbowl bound? Probably not, but they’re having a good post-season.


Chiefs showed the band wagon fans where to stick it.


Arrowhead ran out of fireworks because we scored too many TD’s! Heck of a win!!!

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