What in the world?

I had a picture of some kind of howling monkey nature photo, saying “I’m Woke” flagged and removed from the Meme thread?

Are people this kooky as to take this wrong?

Woke is a black term. We’re not crossing that line even if done in ignorance.


At first I thought it was a sloth. Then I realized it was a monkey after it got flagged, and I deleted it.

A lib posted a hilarious meme about why the US will never get invaded. It said ‘nazis’ over the northwest states, and was deleted. He almost got suspended for posting it a second time. Thankfully there wasn’t a third.

There were 50 funny things about it, and one word got it deleted.

Hell, I had one deleted recently because it had the word, " puss " in it.

Agreed with @GWH . Accidents happen in the pursuit of laughter.

The meme thread is the most light-hearted section of the forum. When we screw up, our post gets deleted, we move on, and post something funny.


I posted a meme, and suddenly it vanished.

Can we have some rules for memes?

Only thing I can think of is it featured a guy on a toilet…was that the reason?


Thread temporarily reopened.

The post above yours addresses this:

By the way, that meme with the non-historical use of the word “nazi” was yours, and you didn’t get sanctioned for it.

Your toilet humor meme didn’t make the cut either. We’re not going to start a new thread complaining about every stupid meme that gets canned.

You’re one of the very few active people in that thread who does not have meme posts listed in your user summary as any of your top replies. What you do have as top replies, contains less likes than most people’s memes on their summary (libs and cons alike).

Get better at it, or maybe even don’t bother posting at all there. Either way is fine. Your participation in the fun threads isn’t required for the rest of us to have a good time.