What if we say?

All whites are racists,
All government is corrupt
All cops are bad
All blacks are criminals
Only black lives matter
All people should be labeled

which if any are true?

Not true


Not true

Not true

Not true

Not sure what this is

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If you say that you are recognizing your privilege and “woke.” A superior and enlightened being and a hero the left.

It means that people are just people, they do not need to be sub divided into groups.
what we also realize is that all and only almost never apply.

on the other hand some almost always applies.

so as we demonstrate and tout division and blame someone else, perhaps it is to sit and reflect that in general only a small number apply to any one stereotype.

I am rip van Winkel.

All Government is corrupt, just the human scum that pushed the Russian collusion lie are.

Although i would like to agree, I cannot say all