What if Trump nominated Merrick Garland?

Out of a gesture of good will. Personally if I were president it’s what I would do. The political climate is so heated it would be nice to see someone put out an olive branch. Also, wasn’t he considered a moderate?

No way. It would cost Trump the election and there is no way the act of good will would EVER be returned.

Plus we need conservatives not moderates.

Ramming through a pick in 44 days is also likely to cost him the election.

Seriously? What good will have the dems shown that any kind of reciprocation is wise?

Quite the contrary. Give in to their fits and they win again just by virtue of having fits.

When he wins then what?

When Biden wins we are gonna party like it’s 1999.


Why does compromise and not being divisive always mean caving to the left?

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I love how sure both the Trumpers and the anti-Trumpers are about this election. Going to be a lot of triggered people when this election is called, I am just not sure which side will be triggered.


Not really sure when the last time was that they supposedly compromised, but do you have any examples of when something was labelled a compromise but was really a cave to the left?

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We can make fun of them, whoever it is.

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sorry. trump doesnt kiss democrat behind

hes not bush and the others you no longer hate so bad

I was expecting a close race, but I think the SCOTUS pick battle will drive independents away from Trump.

based on what?


Trump kissed a lot of Democrat behind when he was just a business man.


Well I hope you are right, but I can see a lot of Conservatives want the court seat. I can see more than a few holding there nose and voting for him even if they hate Trump.

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im sure he did

What if he doesn’t win. What are your plans for the evening?

The optics around this are gonna be brutal. Lindsay Graham’s interview is gonna be played constantly. The guy flat out lied and said use the tape against me. Your word is your bond is something I believe will resonate with independents.

Really, because the Independent party has grown, mostly because they are disassociating themselves from Democrats. Not Republicans.

While independents have surpassed Republicans, there actually hasn’t been a huge drop in GOP party registration since President Trump took office. Since October 2016, GOP registration has dropped by half a percentage point. The number of registered Democrats declined by nearly a full point over the same span. Independents have benefited from both drops.

Pretty much the same…adult beverage on my deck. Maybe a little more concerned that this country could elect someone as terrible as Trump twice.

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