What if? Drew Brees version

With Drew Brees breaking the all time passing yards record tonight I heard sports talk radio talking about a couple of what if scenarios involving Brees that would have utterly reshaped the landscape of both professional and college football.

  1. What if the Chargers hadn’t given up on Brees to quickly so instead of drafting Eli Manning (whom they traded for Phillip Rivers) they draft Larry Fitzgerald instead. Now you have an offense with Brees, Ladanian Tomlinson, and Larry Fitzgerald. Arguably the greatest triplet combo in history.

  2. What if the Dolphin’s medical staff had made the right call on Brees. Nick Saban, then coach of the Dolphins, wanted Brees and Brees wanted to be a Dolphin. But the Dolphins medical staff made the call that Daunte Culpepper’s knee was more likely to hold up than Bree’s shoulder. Culpepper played a grand total of 4 games for the Dolphins before blowing his knee again and we all know what Brees has been for the Saints. In addition to utterly changing these two teams destinies it might keep Saban in Miami meaning he doesn’t cut and run to Alabama and Alabama never becomes the college power they are now. And with a real QB in Miami in the AFC East do the Patriots do as well since most years the AFC least has given them minimal challenge?

When given a choice of A or B, the Chargers historically have made the wrong one. A fatally flawed ownership for 40+ years.

The chargers pulling that stunt was one of the biggest screw ups in the history of screw ups.

We’re talking about the same organization that drafted Ryan Leaf.


If the chargers had kept Brees one more year they would have made the super bowl.

Portland choosing Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. I’d still have nightmares if I was that GM.

Michael Jordan…never heard of him. :grin:

Well, this a assumes that Saban ran an offense anything like Payton and Brees have for the last 13 years. Its pretty assumable that he wouldn’t have, as it took him nearly a decade to hire an offensive coordinator in Alabama that moved him off of the run three downs and decided if you can run it on 4th for the first…

As it turns out, for the betterment of football fans everywhere, and most notably, the people of NO, the right decisions were made by all parties.

Chargers also fired Marty after a 14-2 season for Norv Turner who was never any good as a head coach. That’s just mind boggling