What if conservative teachers taught Critical Abortion Theory to their students?

I was listening to the radio yesterday (POTUS Channel) and the host was discussing whether high school teachers should discuss specific atrocities of slave owners unto slaves, which the host implied they should. In other words does a teacher simply teach about slavery as a component of US history or do they delve into specific actions of certain individuals clearly emphasizing issues of race along with what many would consider issues of morality and notions of good and evil. The left leaning callers by and large said yes, which as far as I can tell is consistent with those here.

That got me thinking, what if a conservative teacher who was teaching about important SCOTUS cases explained to their students about the intimate and disturbing details regarding the process of abortion along with how the unborn child reacts to such procedures (some of you likely know more about that than I do)? I wonder how would those on the Left feel about that?



This might get interesting.


How did British colonial and early Republic policy with regard to women set the stage for 1950s era efforts to criminalize abortion, then?

I don’t understand this inherent need for conservatives to compare abortion of fetuses to chattel slavery of fully grown, born humans.

Abortion is voluntary. Chattel Slavery was not if you were a certain skin color. For example…

Anywho… I don’t have a problem with science teacher teaching about the human development lifecycle and the outside factors things that impact it.


Do you have any thoughts? Or still eating popcorn?

The more people know the better it is.


From the article:

This past summer, Oklahoma legislators decided to rethink their approach to sex education in public schools. Republican representative Ann Coody authored a bill, the state voted and approved it, and Governor Mary Fallin signed it into law. What is now known as the Humanity of The Unborn Child Act, which seeks to educate Oklahoma teens through materials that “clearly and consistently teach that abortion kills a living human being” and with the stated goal of “achieving an abortion-free society” will go into effect on November 1.

According to SEICUS, the eight states that currently restrict referrals for or discussion of abortion are: Arkansas, Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Oklahoma. The laws are as following:

“Schools that offer sex education in school-based health clinics shall include instruction in sexual abstinence, and no funds shall be utilized for abortion referral.” (§ 6-18-703)

“…curriculum guides shall not include information pertaining to abortion as an alternative to family planning.” (Section 10-16c)

“A school district shall not operate a family resource center or a youth services center that provides abortion counseling or makes referrals to a health care facility for the purpose of seeking an abortion.” (Section 156.496)

“No program offering sex education instruction shall in any way counsel or advocate abortion.” (§§17:281)

“Clinical abortion shall not be considered a method of family planning, nor shall abortion be taught as a method of reproductive health.” (Section 380.1507)

“There shall be no effort in either an abstinence-only or an abstinence-plus curriculum to teach that abortion can be used to prevent the birth of a baby.” (Section 37-13-171)

“Public Education on the Humanity of the Unborn Child Fund,” requires the state’s health department and local schools to provide “educational materials” to the public that “clearly and consistently teach that abortion kills a living human being.” (CH. 353)
South Carolina

“Except as to that instruction provided by this chapter relating to complications which may develop from all types of abortions, school districts may not offer programs, instruction, or activities including abortion counseling, information about abortion services, or assist in obtaining abortion, and materials containing this information must not be distributed in schools.” (§§ 59-32-10)

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For the human who’s aborted?


First they didn’t get a say in being conceived, now they don’t get a say in being murdered. lol


You are right, we should ask the fetus for their opinion.

Uh correct? Don’t think this is what you were going for :rofl:

Oblivious as always. lol

You accidentally stumbled onto the point… I’ll take it.


can we just assume they dont want to die?

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How is this even a hypothetical, y’all literally wanted to teach creationism in science class ten years ago.


Depends on the stage of development. “They” don’t know they are “they” for most of a pregnancy.

I know. :wink:

that’s not what the assumption is.

No. Any more than you can assume a comatose mole rat ‘wants’ to live or die, which is unfair to the mole rat, because it at least had something like autonomy.

Can’t we also assume they don’t want to live? I mean it is just as likely… right?