What, if any, helpful information on strengthening our immune systems

… and our immune responses to viruses has the main stream media reported over the last five months. What foods, spices, trace elements, herbs, have they informed people can assist them NOW? I can’t think of any. They seem to be dedicated to setting our sights on their big advertiser’s (big pharma and big government and big tech) to save us.

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This is one of the most informative videos I’ve found that was made by a doctor, explaining the many different problems that COVID-19 can cause? It’s unbelievable how many more problems can result, as a direct result of being infected.

Why…would anyone develop this virus in a lab? There’s a lot more to this story that has not been fully revealed?

None that I know of but then again, I only know of one study that is testing the impact of vitamin C and Zinc in treating Covid and there haven’t been any results posted yet.

The roles of zinc, vitamin D, iodine and vitamin C to boost immunity are already known. But the guardians of the people have not informed us on how to safely boost these and avoid their depletion in the body. Very strange behaviour IMO.

Who are “the guardians of the people”?

The press claim to be. So do the health bureaucrats. So do elected officials.

I think it is drinking beer, some bourbon, and smoking cigarettes to improve your immune system.

I’ve never had a flu vaccine and never caught the flu. I’ve never caught anything that antibiotics couldn’t handle rather quickly.

Correlation does not imply causation you say? Well I apply it!


When did the media or press claim to be “guardians of the people”. That is a very precise statement you have made so please back it up.

If the elected officials officials have failed the people do you include the Trump administration or is it just Democrats.

Probably for the same reason Obama trained ISIS, to commit crimes against humanity.

Remember the sick Russian collusion lie they pushed?

I have heard a lot about the benefits of E C Z - echinacia, vitamin C (goes back to Linus Pauling) and zinc. Have also heard that vitamin D3 is important. Other than that, there are things you can refrain from doing, smoking and alcohol consumption which can both lower immune systems. Restorative sleep is also important.

If it is already known and no one was told, how did you find out? More importantly, what levels are needed to help the body effectively fight off the Cororna Virus? The study on it isn’t even completed yet so how can they report on something that isn’t completed?

I do include the Trump administration in that. A great deal on what to do externally to block the virus entering the body. Almost nothing on what to do internally to block it spreading within the body.

It’s hard to believe you would think these wise questions. Viruses multiply in the body’s cells in a well-understood manner. The effect of zinc within cells on RNA replication is also well documented. However, this information is not necessarily widely known. One would think genuinely concerned medical experts and media reporters would use their platforms to make more widely known information that would help citizens beat this virus. However, doing so would weaken the grip of big pharma over our health care dollars.

It’s ok to say you don’t know. The medical professional are saying it which is why the study is being done.

Well, I think it’s clear that sun does a body good, we’ve all known that forever. Not sure we need the media to tell us how to boost our immune system. Three years ago, I was feeling really lethargic and had a lot of joint pain and seemed to be sick a lot. I decided enough was enough so figured I’d get on the bike and ride. 40 lbs later, my wife and I both feel better today than we did 10 years ago. Of course, there are risks. I’ve taken a Superman dive off of one bike and broke two ribs and dealt with a lot of sunburns because “we’re only going to ride 10 miles today” :smiley: