What I was typing automatically moved from my phone to my PC

Starting typing a reply on my phone. Forgot about it. Started eating and checked my PC. There my unfinished post was.

Really cool!

I bet if you just decided to stop using both your phone and your PC but simply THOUGHT your profound thoughts, the forum would pick up on the energy and post them automatically.

I mean right now, I’m hunting water buffalo in Canada and … well … you can likely see what I’m talking about. Try it.

honestly didn’t think someone would take the opportunity to insult me while i was pointing out new features for posters.

bravo on that.

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too sensitive. Sheesh… hunting water buffalo in Canada. I mean how serious could the supposed “insult” be.

I was just pulling your pigtails.

too funny…

What evil magic is afoot here. :astonished:

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