What happens when armed RSO does his job immediately engaging shooter?

Not much.


Hat tip to an officer who chose to act instead of standing down.

What is going on in our country? Young males are so angry and committing horrific acts that are so foreign to our way of life. What is going on? It isn’t guns. That maybe the tool they use but what is causing it? This needs to be addressed.

My personal explanation is that they are angry because they’ve been deprived of a positive relationship with their father. It sounds like a simple explanation but I’ve found it to be the common denominator. Fix that and this problem will all but disappear IMO. How do we do it? At birth, identify the two parents. Then hold them accountable for providing for their child. If they can’t or refuse, then they should be prohibited from further exacerbating the problem. The children are innocent but the parents are NOT.

I would say many have been poorly raised. No discipline in some cases. Broken homes because of divorced parents, etc.

I’m glad that the officer acted also. I wonder what a Democrat would say about the officer, and the gunman? I’m glad that the officer had a gun, and could return fire. Instead of the gunman just being able to kill high school kids left and right.

It isn’t just angry young men. More and more we see female shooters as well.