What happen...why the gloom and doom?

Nation mood dimes under Biden administration.

American people are less optimist about the future, so what excuses are libs going to make for this drastic falloff?

Crime, Covid, Inflation, World standing, racial tensions, abusive goverment etc?

How did we fallen so fast in such a short period of time?

And finally we must at some point factor in Biden resignation/removal from office that’s only going to add to this uncertainly.

You know that you should provide a link.

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Why? What forum rule that I need to provide a link to express my thoughts/questions?

Why must we factor in a Biden resignation/removal from office?

We’re only six months in.

Scary stuff.


I stated why…uncertainly.

Remember the first two years of Ronald Reagan’s term?

Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Disapproval of Mr. Reagan’s policies predominates in these domestic areas: environmental issues, 41 percent disapproval to 34 percent approval; the energy situation, 49 to 33 percent; inflation, 58 to 33 percent; economic conditions, 59 to 31 percent, and unemployment, 66 to 23 percent.

No…what you did there was beg the question.

Try again.

We peaked a while ago.

J’Biden and his band of incompetents is what happened. Seems like everything they touch turns to ■■■■■


So you think uncertainly that follows Biden fall/resignation won’t add to that pessimism that Americans will feel?

That’s not the question I asked.

I said why should we consider a Biden removal/resignation?

Full stop.

Now…you can keep begging the question, or you can answer.

Your choice.

My $0.02: Covid and the gridlock in D.C.

Edit: Biden isn’t going anywhere. Remove that from your worry board

Have you been paying attention to his mental state?

Delta has brought people back to reality, the initial euphoria of the vaccine is gone and the idea of “back to normal” is no longer as simple as once thought.

The average voter is not focusing on Biden’s “mental health” they are more worried about living their daily lives and thats looking increasingly challenging.


Those have nothing to do with crime, illegals and foreign trade policies etc.

And you know this how?

Common sense.

Sounds like libs are going to use this virus as excuse for their failures.


Covid gonna Covid has nothing to do with “libs”

You understand he’s starting to deteriorate rapidly now.